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September 26, 2004

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I can’t swear that the *evidence* presented by this particular website is accurate but it does point quite strongly toward a strengthening trend. There is a growing list of Hollywood A-list actors that pretty much everyone is convinced are utterly gay and yet they refuse to come out of the closet. Now I’m not referring to Tom Cruise, maybe he protests too much and maybe he doesn’t but I have to tell you I don’t care. No, I speak of the current ‘brat pack’ which includes such luminaries as Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maquire [sp?] and Elijah Wood. Although these three do not admit to being gay they have some awfully telling habits that do include sharing hotel rooms with boys.

Maybe, just maybe, none of them are in fact gay. But what if they are? What if they are and they are in utter denial about it because they think it will ruin their careers. Please tell me why it would? All three are already rich enough that they don’t need to work if they don’t want to and they are also rich enough that like Drew Barrymore they can produce their own movies if no one wants to hire them.

Sidebar: Drew Barrymore
Did you know that noone in Hollywood wanted to make the Charlie’s Angels movies and most especially not with her in them? So what did she do? Yup, she gathered together her resources and produced it herself. Who’s laughing all the way to the bank now? Drew has in fact been making her own movies for years because for some reason, in spite of her star status and her legion of adoring fans [come on, even the gays want to boink drew and I can tell you so do most of the straight women I know {me included so Drew if you’re reading this let’s go!}] Hollywood doesn’t actually like Drew and she has produced a large percentage of her films. Most of which have done quite well.

So, they’re rich, they’re young and they’re hot. If they are actually gay they could do such enormous amounts of good by admitting it, the kind of good that is not done by coming out when you’re 65. [Kudos to Richard Chamberlain for finally doing it though] So Elijah comes out of the closet and can’t get jobs. Firstly I can’t imagine that he won’t get jobs. He might have to do a couple of gay characters or something but these days there are a number of gay B-list actors who are doing quite well so I can’t imagine that that’s a problem.

Please understand, it’s not whether or not they’re gay that I care about. It’s that they lie about it. I don’t CARE about your orientation Tobey, I’ll see spidey 2 and buy the chemistry between you and Mary Jane regardless of whom you’re boinking after work. Just have the courage to tell the truth, imagine the good it could do with the vast pulpit they have to speak from.

Have the courage to be who you are, otherwise your life will pretty much suck.

I apologise if I’ve offended any actors in the making of this post,


September 25, 2004

Thoughts on the new television season – part 1

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One of these days I’ll start my own television column or website … but for now here are my personal categories and my feelings on the new season. [Note that I watch all the sample shows until we get to the bubble section]

Returning shows follow.

HERBAL ESSENCES shows (aka Yes! Yes! Yes!) [ie joan, nip/tuck, OC]

– The L Word – wow, first time I’ve seen women talk like actual women on television. Highly recommended whether you’re gay or not.

CHRISTMAS PICKUP (aka like it enough to watch until Christmas and then decide) [ie Las Vegas, 2.5 men, tru calling]

– LAX – love me my Heather and this show is really good. I think maybe some people aren’t liking it because it’s not quite the Heather they’re used to
– Jack & Bobby – Love Ms. Lahti as much as Ms. Locklear, not sure how the flashback/forward flashes thing will work in the long run but it is so far. Am irritated by the ridiculous portrayal of people who smoke pot, it’s not overly realistic
– Summerland – big surprise of the summer, see how it stands up in the real TV season
– Lost – might be Herbal Essenses worthy but I want to see a second ep. before I decide
– The Mountain – loved it, don’t know what the critics are talking about, again with the need another episode to decide but so far it looks great. The WB is really good at putting backstory into a tale

WAIT & SEE (aka waiting to see how it develops) [ie NCIS, One Tree Hill]

– Medical Investigation – like it a lot and there’s a great cast but it could still go either way, it depends how it develops
– North Shore – was on the bubble til Ms. Doherty showed up. Love those 90210 girls
– Veronica Mars – liked it but it could go either way at this point
– Making The Cut – [Canadian reality show about hockey] – looks good so far.

DENTED BUBBLE (aka watching but it’s not looking good) [ie Lyons Den]

– Joey – loved my friends but joey doesn’t look like it will make it to a second season… can’t even swear it will make it past christmas

NEVER MADE THE BUBBLE (watched once/twice or not even all of once) [ie Joe Millionaire 2]
– CSI NY – I just can’t bear the CSI franchise anymore, it’s like cookie cutter with different actors and a new city. Frankly all the forensic screwing up makes the whole franchise unbearable for me.
– Hawaii – how many cliches can you pack into an hour? Not as many as the Hawaii writers can

As IF I would waste my time! [ie Littlest Groom]
– WIFE SWAP and all it’s ilk!

Still Eagerly Anticipating (10 is a lot, 1 is not so much):

– Desperate Housewives (hate the name, love the premise) – 9
– Boston Legal (mmmm Mark Valley) – 6
– Clubhouse – 5
– House – 7
– Life as we know it (love DB) – 5
– Dr. Vegas – 3
– Commando Nanny – 6

New season of Nip/Tuck is so surreal that I’ve moved it into the Twin Peaks category which has made it watchable again. That said I spend half the episodes covering my eyes these days and it’s not getting better. I can predict the twists and I don’t really need to see a boy and his mommy making love. First season was so amazing that I’ll watch the rest of the second but I’m not sure I care to watch season 3.

ER is looking GOOD so far but I really want carter to follow Kem out the door… His storylines inevitably make me want to kill him. Also if Abby takes him back I’ll deck her.

Charmed is still the ‘same old’ fun, think I watch it out of habit now. Nick Lachey sucks a LOT less than expected and CHARISMA Carpenter is coming!!!! Can’t explain the Charmed love but I really do enjoy every episode.

Las Vegas opened the season a little strangely but I’m liking the direction so far…

Watched the season premiere of Everwood but well I seem to have fallen off that train though I don’t really know why. Scott Wolf is so cute I might watch a couple of episodes but doubting that that one will last. Guess it’s just a little too preachy for me.

If Smallville keeps on as it did in the premiere i might just pick it up again after a couple of years off. New Lois Lane looks good. Doubt it can keep the momentum of the premiere though so I suspect I’ll be off it by Hallowe’en.

2.5 men was pretty funny with Sean Penn… don’t know why I like the show, it’s darned hokey but I watch it and giggle madly every week.

GILMORE GIRLS!!! Oh my god oh my god. If they fuck up Luke and Lorelei I’ll kill them. [I get that they have to have trials and tribulations and miscommunication for a couple of years but no screwing with that relationship or I’ll kill them.]

One Tree Hill just keeps getting better. I know TVGal doesn’t like it but funnily enough I just notice that I’m excited to see new eps and in spite of any lacks in the show I just love it. I think it’s a show you have to let develop a little and then you sorta notice that you can’t wait for the next one.

New survivor is really good so far. Once eliza pulled off that little coup I knew it was going to be an interesting season. Hope the young twits get out quickly so I can watch people my own age for a change.

Not sure I like Holly’s new boyfriend on What I Like About you but it’s good that Vince has to pine for a while… as for Val… waiting to see on that one but her new beau is working so far. [so glad they added mary cherry to that cast…] Funny that I still watch this show, it’s not that great but I just love Jennie Garth.

Okay that’s it for this installment of my television addiction. Keep reading :)


September 19, 2004

bored in ottawa

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I’m waiting for lividviv at a fairly cool Internet Cafe in ottawa [named, funnily enough ‘Internet Cafe’, pure genius i tell you] as we waste time due to boredom and unwillingness to drink martini’s.

You see there was this legendary weekend involving martini’s, hot bartenders and much giggling. Did I mention martinis? Anyhow as with many such legends we decided to repeat it. Of course this is never really a good idea. As with all such legends repetition is not possible and when attempted is inevitably disappointing. You are always expecting just what happened last time and not really considering the changes you’ve made in your self and your world. How could you possibly make it the same when you’ve dipped your toe in that river already?

So we decided that it was required that we drink martini’s this trip. We didn’t know what else we were going to do but we were most certainly going to drink martini’s and not once did we feel like it. Not once. First, it’s expensive, like 20 bucks for a round of two [also they go down so quickly, sliding down your throat in a frenzy of icy cold almost gellike alcohol] and then inevitably it’s loud. Someone decides that if a little music is good then a lot of music is better.

Let me tell you, a lot of music is not better, it’s just more noise to conflict with and generally overcome the rapidly hoarsening victims of your taste in music. Why can’t I go somewhere, get a dammed good drink and hear myself speak? Pool halls are better for this but the drinks tend to suck. There are definetely no martini’s and the mood lighting is less than ideal. Sometimes I want to pretend that I’m still that nineteen year old hottie that I once was and darkness and tea lights helps me to feel this is perpetuated. Suddenly the shadows on my cheeks aren’t from my worried frown but because my cheekbones are once again ruthless.

Perhaps I should open my own martini bar. The kind with a piano in the corner and a cigar room in the attic [I know, the basement is more romantic but smoke rises]. I think you would need some sort of smoke machine for mood lighting. Don’t want the actual tobacco smoke but the haze with the occasional baby cieling lights tracking through it adds to the romance.

Still though, ten dollars with tip for a drink that slides down ones throat deceptively quickly. It’s hard to justify so liv and I are sitting in this cafe and she’s laughing her head off at maddox [] and I’m rambling into this blog thing. Boredom might just make me pretty prolific. I think we’re probably going to go back to the hotel and read. Exciting hmmm?

September 11, 2004


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I always have so much to say when I’m sitting in the other chair. Then I sit down at the chair with the keyboard and all the little words just melt out of my brain and land in a muddle on the floor. It’s really really not conducive (condusive?) to good writing.

It’s hard to know where to start, my life is starting anew except it’s been doing it for like a year and it’s taking a really long time. Still, looking back I would have to say that things have improved. I have an insufficient income which is better than the non-existent one I had then. I’m finished some of the school I need to do which means that I can begin to find work in my field.

And let me tell you, housekeeping so is not it. I do highly recommend it for people who need to be irregularly employed. You make 50 bucks for three hours of your sweat and everyone is happy. That said, I am so not a housekeeper. I want to be messy and not polish things. Seriously who cleans a toilet once a week anyway? Ah well, I guess my apartment will have to hang out with the cobbler and tailor’s kids.

Anyway it’s all just taking a really long time and I’m running out of cash faster than employers are running to my door. I’m afraid it’s back to the waitressing. I like waitressing, it’s fun and all but I didn’t want to be doing it again after 30. My feet hurt anyway without my walking myself off them.

Still it’s better than the alternative and I’d like to put my car on the road.

Funny thing after all that. I don’t think I’ve been happier in myself in years. I’m moving in a direction that I like and I’m feeling healthy and making good choices. Broke but happy.

Universal cry :)

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