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September 11, 2004


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I always have so much to say when I’m sitting in the other chair. Then I sit down at the chair with the keyboard and all the little words just melt out of my brain and land in a muddle on the floor. It’s really really not conducive (condusive?) to good writing.

It’s hard to know where to start, my life is starting anew except it’s been doing it for like a year and it’s taking a really long time. Still, looking back I would have to say that things have improved. I have an insufficient income which is better than the non-existent one I had then. I’m finished some of the school I need to do which means that I can begin to find work in my field.

And let me tell you, housekeeping so is not it. I do highly recommend it for people who need to be irregularly employed. You make 50 bucks for three hours of your sweat and everyone is happy. That said, I am so not a housekeeper. I want to be messy and not polish things. Seriously who cleans a toilet once a week anyway? Ah well, I guess my apartment will have to hang out with the cobbler and tailor’s kids.

Anyway it’s all just taking a really long time and I’m running out of cash faster than employers are running to my door. I’m afraid it’s back to the waitressing. I like waitressing, it’s fun and all but I didn’t want to be doing it again after 30. My feet hurt anyway without my walking myself off them.

Still it’s better than the alternative and I’d like to put my car on the road.

Funny thing after all that. I don’t think I’ve been happier in myself in years. I’m moving in a direction that I like and I’m feeling healthy and making good choices. Broke but happy.

Universal cry :)


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