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September 25, 2004

Thoughts on the new television season – part 1

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One of these days I’ll start my own television column or website … but for now here are my personal categories and my feelings on the new season. [Note that I watch all the sample shows until we get to the bubble section]

Returning shows follow.

HERBAL ESSENCES shows (aka Yes! Yes! Yes!) [ie joan, nip/tuck, OC]

– The L Word – wow, first time I’ve seen women talk like actual women on television. Highly recommended whether you’re gay or not.

CHRISTMAS PICKUP (aka like it enough to watch until Christmas and then decide) [ie Las Vegas, 2.5 men, tru calling]

– LAX – love me my Heather and this show is really good. I think maybe some people aren’t liking it because it’s not quite the Heather they’re used to
– Jack & Bobby – Love Ms. Lahti as much as Ms. Locklear, not sure how the flashback/forward flashes thing will work in the long run but it is so far. Am irritated by the ridiculous portrayal of people who smoke pot, it’s not overly realistic
– Summerland – big surprise of the summer, see how it stands up in the real TV season
– Lost – might be Herbal Essenses worthy but I want to see a second ep. before I decide
– The Mountain – loved it, don’t know what the critics are talking about, again with the need another episode to decide but so far it looks great. The WB is really good at putting backstory into a tale

WAIT & SEE (aka waiting to see how it develops) [ie NCIS, One Tree Hill]

– Medical Investigation – like it a lot and there’s a great cast but it could still go either way, it depends how it develops
– North Shore – was on the bubble til Ms. Doherty showed up. Love those 90210 girls
– Veronica Mars – liked it but it could go either way at this point
– Making The Cut – [Canadian reality show about hockey] – looks good so far.

DENTED BUBBLE (aka watching but it’s not looking good) [ie Lyons Den]

– Joey – loved my friends but joey doesn’t look like it will make it to a second season… can’t even swear it will make it past christmas

NEVER MADE THE BUBBLE (watched once/twice or not even all of once) [ie Joe Millionaire 2]
– CSI NY – I just can’t bear the CSI franchise anymore, it’s like cookie cutter with different actors and a new city. Frankly all the forensic screwing up makes the whole franchise unbearable for me.
– Hawaii – how many cliches can you pack into an hour? Not as many as the Hawaii writers can

As IF I would waste my time! [ie Littlest Groom]
– WIFE SWAP and all it’s ilk!

Still Eagerly Anticipating (10 is a lot, 1 is not so much):

– Desperate Housewives (hate the name, love the premise) – 9
– Boston Legal (mmmm Mark Valley) – 6
– Clubhouse – 5
– House – 7
– Life as we know it (love DB) – 5
– Dr. Vegas – 3
– Commando Nanny – 6

New season of Nip/Tuck is so surreal that I’ve moved it into the Twin Peaks category which has made it watchable again. That said I spend half the episodes covering my eyes these days and it’s not getting better. I can predict the twists and I don’t really need to see a boy and his mommy making love. First season was so amazing that I’ll watch the rest of the second but I’m not sure I care to watch season 3.

ER is looking GOOD so far but I really want carter to follow Kem out the door… His storylines inevitably make me want to kill him. Also if Abby takes him back I’ll deck her.

Charmed is still the ‘same old’ fun, think I watch it out of habit now. Nick Lachey sucks a LOT less than expected and CHARISMA Carpenter is coming!!!! Can’t explain the Charmed love but I really do enjoy every episode.

Las Vegas opened the season a little strangely but I’m liking the direction so far…

Watched the season premiere of Everwood but well I seem to have fallen off that train though I don’t really know why. Scott Wolf is so cute I might watch a couple of episodes but doubting that that one will last. Guess it’s just a little too preachy for me.

If Smallville keeps on as it did in the premiere i might just pick it up again after a couple of years off. New Lois Lane looks good. Doubt it can keep the momentum of the premiere though so I suspect I’ll be off it by Hallowe’en.

2.5 men was pretty funny with Sean Penn… don’t know why I like the show, it’s darned hokey but I watch it and giggle madly every week.

GILMORE GIRLS!!! Oh my god oh my god. If they fuck up Luke and Lorelei I’ll kill them. [I get that they have to have trials and tribulations and miscommunication for a couple of years but no screwing with that relationship or I’ll kill them.]

One Tree Hill just keeps getting better. I know TVGal doesn’t like it but funnily enough I just notice that I’m excited to see new eps and in spite of any lacks in the show I just love it. I think it’s a show you have to let develop a little and then you sorta notice that you can’t wait for the next one.

New survivor is really good so far. Once eliza pulled off that little coup I knew it was going to be an interesting season. Hope the young twits get out quickly so I can watch people my own age for a change.

Not sure I like Holly’s new boyfriend on What I Like About you but it’s good that Vince has to pine for a while… as for Val… waiting to see on that one but her new beau is working so far. [so glad they added mary cherry to that cast…] Funny that I still watch this show, it’s not that great but I just love Jennie Garth.

Okay that’s it for this installment of my television addiction. Keep reading :)




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