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October 3, 2004

Further thoughts on the new TV season

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Watched a few more shows and have some further opinions. So far Lost and LAX are the gems of the season [well and the L Word but that came out last year in the US]. I’ve seen Lost twice and LAX three times and I madly love both of these shows. Not really sure why people aren’t loving LAX, guess they only like her when she’s Melrose Placing. Joey just gets more boring with every episode, I expect to drop it after I pick up Desperate Housewives or something. Jack and Bobby might be slipping but most shows have a sucky episode three so we’ll give it a couple more.

Clubhouse – kinda boring in episode one and I’m currently watching episode two but I’m not sure that Dean Cain is cute enough to make up for how bored I am. I think it’s the kid, he’s insipid. It’s one of those shows that has all the right elements, the right actors and the right ideas and yet somehow it just doesn’t grab you. Somehow you find yourself not giving a crap. Fun watching Dean Cain have a meltdown though :) If I was giving five stars this show would get 2.

Dr. Vegas! I don’t understand it, the critics are panning it universally and yet I really like it. Sort of like The Mountain, it’s getting better with every episode and yet the critics are hating it. Weird.

Crossing Jordan started well, looks like they’re off to another great season.

NCIS is on my watch list this year which is pretty funny because I watched last season during the summer. I wasn’t watching it last year because I liked It’s All Relative and I knew that NCIS would be on during the summer. Gets a season pickup for me this season though.

Judging Amy hasn’t changed at all, wonder where Tyne Daly’s mood swings are headed.

Gilmore Girls… damm those girls are back. Thank god cause last season was hit or miss.

HATE Joan of Arcadia’s new bangs though let me tell you. I like that she’s rejecting god and that her mother is exploring her own relationship with God. Grace and Luke is a wonderful relationship and I’m quite enjoying where they’re taking that. Props to Becky for making the credits, that’s WAY overdue.

JAG is well jag… think I’ll drop it unless they stop telling me about Iraq. I drop shows that are all Homeland Security and Iraq since it’s all such a crock of shit.

That’s about it since not too much new has happened.


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