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November 3, 2004

I’m afraid, I’m afraid a lot.

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(this was originally linked to current election results which are now moot)

I have this ongoing terror that Bush is about to win another election. Othercat and friend are in rampant disagreement with me. The thing they aren’t getting is that it is not that I am cheering for shrub, it is that I am desperately afraid he will win.

We were watching the election earlier but I stopped around 11 so that I could go to bed. We won’t know for a while it seems like. Currently shrub has 269 out of a required 270 but it’s hard to tell what percentage of the returns these projections actually pertain to. Bush seems to have taken Florida and there is a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I want to like Kerry, I want to care about him, I wish I gave a shit about what he has to say but I don’t. There just isn’t any substance there. This really seemed to be his election to lose and he set himself to that task with alacrity. Oh I’m sure he tried, but his comfort level in front of cameras was not adequate nor were his answers to pretty much any question that he was asked. One can never accuse Bush of clarity but at least he isn’t afraid to have opinions.

Toronto, my home, is just a short drive to the United States. A quick jaunt. One last push. Several of my American friends plan to claim political asylum and refuse to recross our southern border for this very reason. Friends who work in the States are planning to flee home if the shrub wins. Personally I believe none of this, people are always claiming that they will run away but their own inertia overwhelms them. The slowly declining liberties of and increasing global contempt for their land will creep along and creep along and suddenly they won’t be the land of the free anymore. I’m not convinced that they are as of now but at least the sham is still being maintained. Makes you wonder if the UN will step in. Tragically that looks to be unnecessary. In fact it seems that the people of the good old US of A are going to voluntarily reelect this guy.


It boggles the freaking mind.

I want to sleep, I have a 6 hour workday tomorrow and a concert. I need to be awake in 7 hours but I’m staring at this number 269. Two hundred and sixty nine. That’s one whole electoral college vote. One.

It’s not like it matters, Florida isn’t even planning to count the advance vote for days.

I wonder how Costa Rica is this time of year.


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