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November 11, 2004

Sassinak sits in with the Composters

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Othercat invited me along to play djembe with his band the Composters this past Tuesday. It is very odd trying to jam with a rock band. Like weird and awkward feeling. It’s even worse that they’ve been playing together for years and i’m just a baby drummer.

It doesn’t help that their original drummer has recently passed on so there’s some enormous shoes to tuck under my chair. He (the Peach man) was a very cool man who looked like my grandfather actually. Poppa didn’t have the long hair but he did have the endless beard. Now, as for Peach, I hardly knew him. In fact I met him just a few times and at least one of those times I was extremely intoxed. Well headed for it anyway. There was a 20 hour party involved. With tents.

Anyway, there I am fumbling my way through these rock tunes and trying not to drop the one too badly and they’re nicely not telling me how much I suck. That must have to wait until they know me better. The thing is they had a great drummer to play with. I’ve heard him and he was wicked.

These guys welcomed my sister into their group with open arms. I was never sure whether she appreciated the camaraderie or the lesson in jamming more. I think they gave her some of her most appreciated life advice. I know I certainly appreciated the bits she passed on to me.

So I felt a bit odd. Sad that these people had lost someone they cared for so much. Honoured to be welcomed into their circle [and trust me, when I say baby drummer I don’t even mean toddler] with joy. A bit like an interloper for no legitimate reason but an emotional hit nonetheless.

Don’t get me wrong, was a good time. There was some fun music and maybe ten or twelve seconds where we all played together and even sounded good. We had a few wobbly pops and then i went home and got up in the morning to teach a private client.

5:40am… yeah that’s my best time of day. It was kind of neat actually, it didn’t suck nearly as much as i expected. Must have been the good humour from the night before. If not the wonderful spirit of the lady who wants to be up that early so she can get in tune with her body.

All in all it’s been an eventful few days. Drummed twice in two days. Taught B. for the first time. Got another job. Yes an actual part time teaching job. Someone is going to pay me to teach Pilates a few times a week. Somewhere near February I should be able to eat and pay rent in the same month!


Guess Peachy left blessings for his friends and a little rubbed off on his friends friends. Hope you’re having a wonderful adventure dude.

[and hope the hash is good!]


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