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November 12, 2004

To title or not to title

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I hate titles. I think every poem i ever wrote was named ‘untitled’ because really, what’s in a title? I have bought books based solely on their titles mind you. [Julie Czerneda’s ‘A Thousand Words For Stranger’ comes to mind. Good book er trilogy actually.] More often than not a title is something trite that you tack on to something that you’ve written and most of the time the title has really nothing in common with what you’re about to say.

So what’s the right answer? Do you call everything you write untitled? Do you make up a stupid title that will do? Do you hold off on publishing something until the title comes to you in a dream? Which it won’t by the way. Your piece will just sit there in a swirling morass of non titled lameness. Unfortunately with blogs ‘untitled’ doesn’t really cut it as a name for all your posts.

It’s been an interesting few days anyway. I’ve been forced to think long and hard about whether or not I really want to move away from Toronto. I’ve been talking about the idea for so long that it’s just sort of become the thing I want to do. So yesterday I went off to a great job interview where I got the job and expect to get a fair amount of work. I came home to find a message from Bermuda wondering if I’m still interested in working there.

I am.


I mean I love the idea of living somewhere hot where there’s a beach down the street and no winter to speak of. I love the idea of finding another cultural reference to go along with the ones I have already. It definetely seems an adventure.

And yet.

I love my friends and my comfy life and my cats and my apartment and and and. There’s no real reason for me to leave my cats behind, I’m certain to be able to bring them along. And yet I’m slightly hesitant. I can’t really figure out why since I’ve dreamed of moving abroad for years and Bermuda would give me a jumping off point for tons of other places. Like the rest of the Carribean and South/Central America. Surfing in Costa Rica would be a quick flight away right?

Of course in the case of Bermuda there’s the cost of living to consider. It’s extra high compared to the rest of the world and there’s nothing that makes it particularly superior to the other islands it’s near. Still and all it seems they would pay you accordingly which should solve that dilemma.

I do want to move. I just want to go someplace south or east. Not so interested in the States or Europe because they’re easy places to live when you’re older. I want to go places like Bali. Or New Zealand aka the adventure sport capital of the world. Seems like a place to go BEFORE you hit an age where adventuring seems like another word for crazy. France seems a relatively easy place to go when you’re an old bag which drastically lessens it’s pull.

Okay fine, the truth is I want to learn to surf and I want to teach Pilates at the same time. That and being able to bring my cats along are pretty much my requirements. Full access cable wouldn’t hurt either.


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