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April 16, 2005

oops i forgot my blog

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i didn’t mean to forget my blog

I just sort of… got really busy nursing a sick cat and then went off and lived for awhile. i don’t really care that i ignored my blog for two months since no one is reading it anyway.

some quick news in no particular order:
– my sister moved back to the family farm and is thus around a LOT more :)
– my building got sold and i am now working a lot more but seeing some good changes
– not enough Pilates classes to teach each week
– my cat sappho died of cancer after a short and nasty illness that ended with dignity and a feeding tube. but she was happy every day.
– my parents came back from Italy
– I started TAKING Pilates classes again
– my friend princess valium and i split up. it feels like breaking up with a man but my loins are less irritated. all things considered it’s probably a good change for both of us
– science fiction conventions are fun. particularly ad astra
– i have a LOT of books to read
– i missed my blog
– that noone reads
– :)

the thing i miss the most about PV is that she and I could have long and involved conversations about pretty much everything. other than the fact that i had to pretty much self censor to avoid being treated like a moron these conversations were a lot of fun. it’s just i can’t take the unremitting negativity. how are you supposed to stay positive in your life when your friends are miserable?

for years?

my sister being home is really quite strange. she’s been staying at my place fairly regularly which is strange. i love sharing a bed with her [get your brain out of the gutter, it’s my SISTER] and being around her but i have noticed that around day three we start to get a bit cranky. this could just be the adjustment period since she’s been in another country for a few years and not this close in like 6 years.

wow. 6 years. yeah that’s a long time. god she’s fun to have around though. We went to Ad Astra and had a really good time together. The panels were especially fun. We got to ARGUE with ACTUAL PUBLISHED WRITERS!!! Whee! There were panels about the consequences of immortality, the use of graphic sex scenes, the nature of horror, the tragedy of happy endings, etc etc etc. I mean we are talking FUN!

Also, I can’t believe they killed Boone on lost. I am very impressed with them for that.


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