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June 28, 2005


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[note that i published a forgotten draft and called it June 18th…]

Oh it was people watching Heaven this weekend! The boys were naked. The girls were naked. The dykes on bikes wore leather and the leathermen wore cock rings. The Trojan men wore gold body paint and very hot boy shorts while the lipstick dykes wore well… lipstick (and black electrical tape!). This doesn’t even describe the naked politicians, the princesses with beards, the dancing fruit and the leering crowds. And that was just the PARADE!

I live in the heart of the ‘gay village’, ‘gay ghetto’, ‘gaybourhood’, ‘insert name with word gay in it here’ and although I am not gay I find that this place is closest to my true home. At least at this moment in my life. I find that many Torontonians look askance at you when you’re outgoing and friendly. Sometimes I’ll say ‘nice coat’ and they will look at me as though I am insane. What’s insane about a heartfelt compliment? Why can’t I tell someone that I like their shoes without them looking at me like a freak of nature? It’s strange.

Personally, I like compliments.

But this weekend was heaven for me. I could say what I thought about people’s outfits or whatever with no fear whatsoever. People WANTED you to look at them. The easiest way to know if someone was checking you out was to be busted checking them out and catching them in the act at the same time. If I was ever so much more tartlike than I actually am I could for sure have gotten [as my pal ND would say] my coals raked.

Tragically, no matter how I try, I remain a nice girl to the end. I can’t make love to someone with someone else in the room. I can’t have sex with my parents in the house. I can’t boink someone I don’t like and respect. I prefer to care for the people I get intimate with. In fact I’m so repressed that way that I find it heinously difficult to express interest in a man. I think someday I will manage to ask a guy out [rather than engineer coffee and hope he asks ME out] but I’m not sure I’ll ever manage it with a man I’m interested in. This is, in fact, pathetic.

Still and all, you have to love a weekend where you dress like the skankiest ho you can be and STILL you’re overdressed.

I did hear the best pickup line ever though…

Sit on my face, I’ll guess your weight.

In other news, I am officially cleared for climbing by the goddess who put my body back together. I have instructions for what muscles to use and EVERYTHING! I’m hoping to go bouldering tomorrow if my shoulders can take it after this freaking horrible course I was forced to take today. The teacher was the most condescending person I’ve ever met… worse if he didn’t know the answer.

That’s okay though, at the end of the day I’m happy to be a nice person and he’s still an ass. Off to drink my sorrows away with othercat.

YAY CLIMBING! *dance of joy*


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  1. Its nice reading your posts:-)
    I think people take askance at your comments because they wonder wat you want in return. Or is it because they are so busy focussing on getting “ahead” that they consider you an anomaly, can’t understand your carefree attitude and hence the strange looks.
    I know so many people who ended up being mean because the world was mean to them at some point of time and they want to give it back, or they close themselves for the fear of getting hurt. But you are what you think and watz life if you can’t do/be what you think you ought to.
    Cheers and have a great pride day

    Comment by Hemant Kumar — June 25, 2006 @ 1:16 pm | Reply

  2. hemant: thank you. i really enjoyed your inaugural post and i look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

    it’s funny to be commenting on a post i wrote a year ago *grin*

    i think maybe you’re right, i’ve been informed that when i say ‘nice shoes’ i really mean “wanna fuck?” which i so don’t get. i think the way i do it helps though because i tend to compliment and run so it becomes obvious that i wasn’t trying to get anything. it’s taken better in my neighbourhood regardless.

    the world is mean to me all the time, i just don’t see how being mean back will solve anything. i figure instead that if i’m nice then maybe i’ll inspire someone else to be nice. at least two people have told me that they started doing that because of me so i’m pretty happy.

    i had a great day thanks!

    Comment by sassinak — June 26, 2006 @ 1:08 am | Reply

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