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July 1, 2005

sore arms and Bill C-38

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I did it, I went bouldering. It was surprising how bad I was actually. Not so much with the movement or the ideas as with the grip. My grip is shot. Incidentally I learned a new stretch from my teacher for that so it’s all good.

Anyway, it was good. I sucked ass but I didn’t injure myself or otherwise render myself incapacitated. It turns out that my endurance and my tolerance are terrible though. S’okay, I’m pretty happy.

In other news, the government of Canada officially passed bill C-38 which is a proposal to amend the definition of marriage. In less dry language that means that it is now a rubber stamp away from being legal for Canadians everywhere to get married. This will make us the third country in the world to legalize gay marriage. I think anyway. [Spain passed it the next day as well.]

It’s passed the House but it hasn’t made it past the Senate which can do nothing but rubber stamp it and send it off to the Governor General for rubber stamping. Still, if the Senate has risen for the summer then it won’t pass for another few months. When does that mean we actually passed it?

Was it the day it passed the last official hurdle where anything can change or is it the day the GG actually stamps and seals it? Either way, one more avenue of intolerance and injustice is eliminated in this wonderful country.

That is surely something that no homosexual person born before 1965 would EVER have imagined. In fact some of the ones I know are awed that such a thing even happened in their lifetimes. Personally I think the PM said it best:

Paul Martin on same sex marriage

Don’t read this where people will notice you having open displays of patriotic emotion. Unless you don’t mind such things happening at the office. It actually made an American friend of mine cry.

Happy Canada Day y’all.


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