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July 6, 2005

television and science fiction/fantasy

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Every year about this time I start to jones for television. And then I watch like Big Brother or something equally trashy (Canadian Idol, Summerland…. uberCheese) and sort of feed the monster until fall. This year, I don’t think I’ve turned on my tv until well, tonight. And only because I forgot to tape Doctor Who so that I could add it to the steadily growing list of things I’m not watching that are on tapes on my floor.

In fact I haven’t even watched several of the season finales yet. And they were on in MAY! So far the only thing I’m curious about in the new television season is whether or not Sam will come back to the Montecito. This doesn’t really seem worth $60/month. So for now I think I’ll chuck the digital cable and keep the basic and decide in the fall.

As for the science fiction and the fantasy… well, I feel like I’ve read it all. I can’t imagine a quest for a ring/sword/virgin/box/crystal/unicorn/something mythical novel that I haven’t already read. If there are dragons or elves I just can’t even get past the cover (except the urban fantasy stuff, that’s still a little fun). I still enjoy the political exploration stuff or anything Tania Huff writes (because damm she is FUNNY! and she can write) but otherwise it’s basically losing me. In fact, I have an input queue about 50 books long that I can’t be bothered reading.

I want to read something NEW! One of the only things I still enjoy is either humour or mixed genre. Mysteries on a space station, elves driving race cars, magic mixed with science, etc. Even that though, I sort of feel like I’ve read it all. This doesn’t mean that I’m over BOOKS, just that it’s time to take a sci fi/fantasy break.

I guess this means I’ve changed so much in the last few years that very few of my old hobbies are really going to stick. I feel like taking classes in anything or finding a new hobby or running off to an Ashram in India or learning to surf or moving to the other side of the world or something.

Funnily there are a few things that I still love. My friends, my cats, my car [I am RIDICULOUS about that car], travelling, road trips, pilates, drumming, climbing, how beautiful Toronto is, festivals, beautiful men(and no, I don’t mean their faces), lying on grass in the summer and watching the meteors (yes you need to be in the country for this), the smell after it rains, the lights of Toronto disappearing in the distance as I head to the country, camping, lakes… Newer things too… I love dancing and walking now and I never did before. Funny how losing the ability to do something makes it ever so much sweeter to do it when you regain it.

I’m no longer comfortable in the patterns I have made for myself. One wonders what will come next.


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