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July 7, 2005

Deliver your future into the hands of your friends

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(so sez othercat!) [CORRECTION – so sez Pete Townsend as quoted by othercat!]
I have a friend who’s having a bit of a personal or life crisis right now. Which has led, interestingly enough to some speculations on the nature of friendship. My friend is feeling really happy to have good friends about who care for him while all of this is happening. So he’s been saying thank you.

This weirds me out. I can’t explain it it just does… and I’m SURE that I myself have made such statements to the friends that I treasure in the past. In fact, that’s when othercat told me the preceding idea. So, the question is, am I uncomfortable having people thank me for loving them? Or does it mean I find it easier to say thank you than you’re welcome?

Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that othercat has it right. That if you trust your friends and love them when they’re up or down they will do it back to you. And you should never feel guilty for needing your friends or for wanting them around… this is WHY they are your friends.

So… how does this differ from the toxic friend? The person with whom you are not healthy? I had a friend like that and since we stopped hanging out she’s gotten WAY more positive and I’ve gotten a little more negative. Were we somehow warping each other’s energy fields? I think we may have been and it’s too bad because I bet when she gets into this living a positive lifestyle thing she’s be great to have around. And still funny as shit.

I’ve decided, I’m cancelling my cable. Deep breath. This is trippy.

I did it in college… I can do it again. Who cares what the Desperate Housewives did this week? Or that the Lost people are in fact on a set in Hawaii? Or that Jordan and Woody are never going to get together? Or that Luke and Lorelai are getting married? Or or or … whatever.

I think I don’t. Well there’s a little voice inside crying out for the US Open [tennis]… but I bet I can find a bar that will play it for me… even across the street maybe. I feel this giant little nervous ball in my tummy at the idea of not having cable anymore. That’s plain weird. Also sort of makes it necessary to chuck the cable. I thank it for the distraction when I needed it but I think it’s time to have my own life again.

I wonder if I got all the Doctor Whos before I made the big snip?

Wish me luck… teacher exam in the am and a new weekly class too.


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