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July 12, 2005

Wandering the web

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or 2,793 kilometres. Now that looks like a lot of fun. I’m kind of relieved that I didn’t know about it until after it happened this year… but I think I may plan a week off next year and head out. Maybe I can get a group together and make a party of it. Should have my hands in shape by then anyway. Mmmm non-competitive hanging out with climbers… so nice. Hopefully I will be linked back into the local community by then, it’s no fun not knowing anyone because it’s so darned hard to find PARTNERS to climb with!

I was watching this guy boulder at the climbing gym the other day and I was struck dumb by how beautiful it was to watch him move. It certainly didn’t hurt that I could read every muscle of his body like it was an anatomy textbook. Literally. In fact I could make out the demarcation of tendons and muscles and you know you have to be in shape for that.

It’s really amazing to watch the good climbers because they just don’t move the same way as the rest of us. They have this amazing grace and stillness as they move that’s like watching ballet on a wall. They never stop moving at all but every motion, every finger position, every hold is planned out so far in advance that it looks effortless. More than that it looks like it’s in slow motion. It isn’t. Don’t misunderstand, these people move with speed and grace but it’s so perfect that it looks like watching an underwater or free fall ballet.

I like to think that I was approaching that level of grace from a great distance when my body was broken and I was forced to take a three and a half year vacation. I like to think that only because I was starting to feel less like I was climbing and more like I was dancing and that to me is key.

Still and all I can’t wait to have my climbers body back. I miss my deltoids!

It’s funny that for months I didn’t turn on my television but suddenly I’m sort of wondering what to do with myself. It’s not like I’ve changed my activities since I cancelled my cable two whole days ago… In fact I think I’m doing more than I was then since I’m subbing for a teacher who is away. Still suddenly there’s a tiny sense of loss. I expect this will pass. I used to jones every 20 minutes for a cigarette too.

I wish when people who KNOW me read my blog they would comment so I would know they were reading it. Otherwise it’s almost some weird invasion of privacy. Makes no sense because I don’t care who reads it that I don’t know. Still. Say hello or something.

So I started reading books that I myself purchased instead of books that were lent to me. Suddenly my novels are so much more fun. Funny how I actually like the books I choose to buy. That said… must get some literature or non-fiction happening…

Speaking of non-fiction. I had my preconceptions tossed on my ass last night [which is SO good for your brain]. I went out with a man that I thought was gay and it turns out that he wasn’t. In fact he prefers straight girls who hang out in the gay community because he finds the community more honest [as do I] and I have to wonder if he wasn’t sort of speculating on me. That said I’ve been wrong the last three times I thought that someone was giving me slow speaking glances so I have to say that I’m feeling uncertain. Regardless, I was convinced this guy was gay. Sure as hell. In fact when someone else at the coffee shop SAID that he was gay my new friend didn’t even blink. Weird.

So, we ended up talking to a group of actually gay guys and doing the people watching thing. It was hilarious because those boys are so bitchy and yet they want my approval for some reason. Heck I wasn’t even looking fashionable… I mean mint green and electric mint blue? So NOT a good colour combination.

Anyway one of the boys looked like this swanny little twink… talked like a haughty little toyboy and everything and THEN he starts talking about the crazy physics book he’s currently reading and how he loves philosophy because it’s a similar thought process and how he has an Einstein photo on his wall. The boy is a full on NERD. Full on. Starting college in the fall for physics and philosophy. Has a fully wired apartment with computer servers in the closet [okay I have one of those too but still…]

I was stunned. I was so sure he didn’t have a thought in his head not formed by air.


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  1. Hi! Your blog is better and better. I like reading about the transformations with MJ and TV and climbing and stuff. You are GREAT and you are already great!

    Happy climbing!

    Now that you have a bit more time we could go to free concerts and movies in the park and free or cheap plays and and and… Like, four dollar movie matinees!!! HAPPINESS!

    Comment by lividviv — July 19, 2005 @ 10:27 pm | Reply

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