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July 16, 2005

can’t… feel… fingers

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fingers hurt.

hands don’t work.

arms are tired.

shoulders are pissed

periods require too much pinky bending

screw punctuation :)

rhomboids are pissed

feet mad

legs… tired


was a nice night.

In other news, hubris and I have picked the gym. It costs the most, it has the shittiest hours and the shortest walls. And yet.

So much more fun routes. Such cool corners and angles everywhere… Also they have THOROUGHLY doubled the bouldering areas and now the gym is so much more integrated between sport, lead and bouldering games.

[da-yummm the kitten is winning the power struggle… she isn’t even named and she’s swatting Mouse around]

The difference is subtle but hard to explain. The other gym has taller walls and some cool bouldering but. First of all it’s floor square footage is a lot lower so it’s limited that way. But it’s more than that. It’s also got routes that require not too much dancing. The crux move is almost always something like a dyno or else two or three mean holds stuck in the middle.

Now I’ve only climbed the easier routes at that gym… but I noticed that hubris was having more fun today too. That said, I just really hate being tied into the floor when I belay. More than that I hate having my belayer NOT attached to my rope. I don’t feel safe tied to a floor I just don’t.

Funny, I prefer the routes it’s true, but the belay system thing drives me WAY more nuts.

so much eye candy… mmmm :)

Crap I have to be up in 8 hours.

Happy saturday y’all :)


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