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July 17, 2005

i dream of sleeping

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Now I haven’t been able to sleep for about a week. In fact I’ll be lying in bed and I’ll be vibrating the way you do when coffee and insomnia meet up around 3am and you sort of doze while imagining that you’re sleeping. In fact, other than wednesday night when I slept like a log I haven’t slept well since last weekend. So, at this point, I’m getting to be a bit of a writeoff.

The sucky part is that I didn’t have coffee yesterday and friday was a small coffee that was drunk by 11:15 in the MORNING!

some tips with my reactions stolen from the article linked to the title:

> Practice “Good Sleep Hygiene.” Here are some tips for you to try:

does this mean I’m supposed to clean my toenails before bed?

> 1. No reading or watching TV in bed. These are waking activities. If your insomnia is chronic, it is not a good thing to do, says Dr. Alex Clerk, head of Stanford Sleep Disorder Clinic in Palo Alto.

I agree with this one… but sometimes a little reading before sleeping settles the brain. I do try to do it in the living room but it rarely works. Either way unless the book is damm good I put it down pretty fast and crash.

> 2. Go to bed when you’re sleepy-tired, not when it’s time to go to bed by habit.

yeah that works when you have to teach at 8:30am. putz.

> 3. Wind down during the second half of the evening before bedtime. 90 minutes before bed, don’t get involved in any kind of anxiety provoking activities or thoughts.

*snicker* does that mean writing in my blog while drunk about being lonely is probably a bad idea? Cause I’m here to tell you that giving up all activities other than staring at a wall for an hour and a half before bed? Not going to happen. I mean shit, when I was still watching TV I was just as likely to watch something high tension before bed as relaxing…

is masturbation ‘anxiety provoking activity’?

> 4. Do some breathing exercises or try to relax major muscle groups, starting with the toes and ending with your forehead.

this actually works.

> 5. Your bed is for sleeping, if you can’t sleep after 15-20 minutes, get up and do something relaxing.

again with the no masturbating in bed clause. And if you’re supposed to get up after 15 minutes I don’t think I would have slept this YEAR! It takes me that long just to de-whir my brain…

> 6. Have your room cool rather than warm.

Fuck you, it’s 34 degrees celsius out there and I don’t have AC.

> 7. Don’t count sheep, counting is stimulating.

I prefer the animal game. Think of all the animals you can that start with A [free association is good] and when you can’t think of anymore do B and so on. Problems with this? Too much free association leads to thinking about what ails you and uh… that’s really the only one. I’ve never made it past G if I didn’t get distracted and let my brain think again.

> 8. Exercise in the afternoon or early evening, but no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

screw you, i’m not skipping climbing or teaching classes and besides i usually take a couple of hours to wind down when i get home.

> 9. Don’t over-eat, and eat 2-3 hours before bedtime.

*clears throat* no comment

> 10. Don’t nap during the day.

but what if you got an hour of sleep last night and you’re dying and you just nap for an hour? My mom naps… why can’t i????

> 11. If you awake in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep within 30 minutes, get up and do something else.

yeah cause that works when it’s 34 degrees outside, the humidex puts it closer to 40 and the act of ROLLING OVER in bed makes you rain sweat onto your sheets.

> 12. Have No coffee, alcohol or cigarettes two to three hours before bedtime.

NO ALCOHOL???? Okay I agree with the coffee… but any smoker i’ve ever met would be fully jonesing for a cigarette at the three hour mark and unable to sleep because of that. Least when I smoked cigarettes that was true. It’s true about MJ though… it makes your heart race for a while so you should give at least 90 minutes before sleeping.

> 13. If you have disturbing dreams or nightmares add an ending that you want.

who remembers their dreams? lucky bastards.

> 14. Schedule a half-hour writing about your concerns and hopes in a journal every night to free up your sleep from processing your dilemmas as much.

AH-HA! I’m allowed to blog!

> 15. Listen to calming music or a self-hypnosis tape for sleep.

Fuck that… that shit is the opposite of soothing, it just makes me want to hit things.

The preceding message brought to you by the coalition for the relief of sassinak’s sleeplessness and boredom.

Well I’m feeling better than I was last night. Nothing like exhaustion, beer, lotsa heat and some pot to make you get all maudlin. In fact while talking to hubris I even teared up a little. I don’t really do that… but i think it was the effects of the naturegasm.

Naturegasm you ask? :)

Well you know how there’s maybe two or three perfect rains in a summer? Where the drops are tiny and almost the same temperature as the air? Where you turn your face up and lift up your skirt and just let the rain melt into your skin? Where that hokey song kiss the rain is something you actually do? Where you remember why your icq nick is still summerain? When (if you have the space) you dance around and just generally enjoy being wet?

There are very few perfect rains, in fact some years you don’t get any at all… but last night I sat on othercat‘s balcony for something like an hour and just let the rain wash over me.

All in all yesterday was a good day to be wet. I went down to Ashbridges Bay to watch the end of the beach volleyball tournament and when it started to rain I wandered down to the lake and had a swim in Lake Ontario. That’s two great lakes this summer, i’m going to try for three on my birthday weekend. (Georgian Bay)

So I went swimming in the rain but I wasn’t singing and then I kissed the rain but I still wasn’t singing and in between I got very drunk and celebrated my 6 year best friend anniversary with othercat… even with the maudlin it was sure a nice day.

My class this morning went by in a fog though… really need to GET SOME SLEEP!



  1. Haha, that was cute.

    For me chamomile works wonders. BoIron (sp) has it in tiny pills, let them disolve under your tongue you’ll zzzz easily. No funky morning feeling, too.

    I agree, it is harder than fsck to sleep when it is hot outside and you stick to the sheets. Nasty nasty nasty. When I get that way I run cool water over my wrists, it seems to help to cool the body.

    Nice rain story, I wish we had those. The rain we had the otherday was a full on downpour complete with lightning and whatnot. So hard it fell I wasn’t able to see the street I live on, when I went outside in it the water was up over the curb. Cool unless you live at the bottom of the hill. :D

    Comment by castufari — July 17, 2005 @ 12:22 pm | Reply

  2. I have yet to find a “tip” for sleep that works for me. Then again, I have a sleep disorder.

    I have always wondered about the “beds are for sleep only” thing though. Most of the rest of my furniture is no good for sex. I’m 6’2″ and even the couch is kinda small for regular sex. And I try to avoid floor sex because of rug burns. So where, exactly, do these prick porpose I have sex?

    And if you are looking at the clock to see if it’s been 15-minutes so you should get up, isn’t that going to keep you awake?

    Scared Bunny Blog – Yes, it’s offensive!

    Comment by R. U. Serious — July 17, 2005 @ 2:08 pm | Reply

  3. Use pie pans under your knees.

    They probably don’t have sex at all, which is why they’re writing such articles. They have their homes at 72F, have seperate bedrooms with noise blocking windows covered with thick blinds. After some sleep aids they’re gone for 8 hours of blissful rest!

    The only time I’ve had 8 hours of blissful rest was when I was in the hospital and they gave me something to put me out, I slept for like 12 hours.

    Comment by castufari — July 17, 2005 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

  4. Actually when I actually fall into a good sleep I can be out for up to 12. Course I pay for that as much as I pay for not sleeping. Still and all it’s SURE nice.

    RUS: I’m 5’11… I can’t even do it in my car. My couch is uncomfortable and my floor is hardwood… but somehow i’m supposed to reserve the bed for sleeping. I hate that kind of advice article… try for some REALISM!

    cast: word.

    Comment by sassinak — July 17, 2005 @ 4:50 pm | Reply

  5. oh yah, wasnt the rain wonderful? i wish i was in the lake then too.
    i am thinking good thoughts for some serious sleeeeeeep coming your way,

    Comment by tania — July 18, 2005 @ 5:11 pm | Reply

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