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August 6, 2005

i want!

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damm i just did this post and made the fucking mistake of previewing. crap.
[note i don’t say buy this game THERE, that’s just the coolest writeup I found]

okay… so TnA and I just spent the evening playing the aforementioned game and now I WANT IT! She has Pro Skater 1 for Nintendo so I want 4 or maybe 3 for my PS2. It’s a really awesome game and I can only imagine how much better the 4th generation one would be.

I don’t covet that many games but this one kicks ass.

I feel a meta moment coming on. I was compelled to write my previous post because of what was almost surely some tongue in cheek commenting on another blog that I read. It was more the last straw then the only thing that ever made me think of it but regardless.

And so I wrote what was, to me, a thoughtful post about my very own thoughts and feelings and I asked some questions. And people answered. I am so impressed by the calibre and timbre of the responses I got. I wish there had been a few more people who weren’t already agreeing with me because I find that I learn a little more from people I don’t agree with than those that I do.

Well not always, but often.

Anyway I really appreciated that everyone tried to just give their own thoughts without attacking anyone (well except micheal moore but he sorta deserves it).

Interestingly my traffic is increasing lately as well. This according to the free tracker I use which really only notices where you came from… not like the ones that know what colour underwear you aren’t wearing while you sit there masturbating to their blog. You get what you pay for :)

Now I really only just started counting in the last few weeks and I’ve only been almost daily posting for a while longer than that so I don’t really have a baseline yet but regardless it seems to be rising. That’s pretty cool.

What’s even cooler is the variety of unique countries people come from. I think it’s interesting enough that I’m going to post it here:

United States / 253 / 61.86%
Canada / 92 / 22.49%
Singapore / 15 / 3.67%
Argentina / 4 / 0.98%
Philippines / 4 / 0.98%
United Kingdom / 3 / 0.73%
Australia / 3 / 0.73%
Portugal / 3 / 0.73%
Mexico / 3 / 0.73%
Brazil / 3 / 0.73%
Unknown / 2 / 0.49%
Guam / 2 / 0.49%
Malaysia / 2 / 0.49%
Japan / 2 / 0.49%
France / 2 / 0.49%
Chile / 2 / 0.49%
The singles: Austria, Romania, Lebanon, Taiwan, Republic of Korea, Spain, Bangladesh, Poland, , Satellite Provider, India, Turkey, Italy, Puerto Rico, Islamic Republic of Iran.

How cool is that? Like seriously? I know that a lot of these people never came back. I get that a lot of them took one look and were like ‘dude um… no’ but still. Look at all the crazy places that came/come here from in just a few weeks. This really is the global village, more than IRC, more than email, more than the regular web. This is it.

If even 5 of those people read my blog again and I read a couple more blogs because of some comments that got made and someone else reads another blog because of some other comments then well… it could sort of change the world.

I don’t mean MY blog hey, I mean bloggerdom in general. Heck I’ve linked to someone in california and north carolina and singapore and texas… and that’s just recently. I feel a link expansion coming on in the next while and then lord knows. So if we all do that a little and we all try just a little to hear what each other are saying then this learning to get along thing might happen.

Could you imagine the potential of the human race if we stopped fighting over resources and started sharing them? It could be a brand new day and suddenly i’m quoting fucking Sting.

Shoot me now.

Still, it’s a pretty cool thought isn’t it?

Shit, I have to sleep, class with the goddess in the morning and then probably some bouldering…



  1. THPS? I bought it for the Mac, I’ll give you a review once it arrives. The software is here, the machine isn’t. :P

    I’m with you on the blog thing. It’s cool that you can just sit here and diary have people read it. You can be as anonymous as you want or as open as you want.

    Be good…close to bday, too, eh? :D

    Comment by castufari — August 6, 2005 @ 3:16 pm | Reply

  2. yeah man it’s on friday :)

    i’m hoping for cash to chuck at my car and my kitten. (rotor and a spay yeah)

    i can’t decide if i actually want people that are in my life in a local way to read it sometimes. i wonder if i’m self censoring for them and then i try not to. but still i wonder.

    it will be interesting to read posts after a while and see if the act of being read changes the act of posting and see how style of writing changes…


    Comment by sassinak — August 7, 2005 @ 1:43 am | Reply

  3. I need to send your music out, I might do it on Monday if I can find a box. :) I’ll wrap the stuff as a gift.

    You get your netcraft mug yet?

    Comment by castufari — August 7, 2005 @ 7:49 am | Reply

  4. oh man i totally forgot to tell you it showed up. and you’re right, them mugs’re awesome!

    perfect size for enough coffee!


    yeah i like the wrap gift idea, then i don’t pay tax!

    Comment by sassinak — August 7, 2005 @ 10:58 am | Reply

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