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November 24, 2005

let it snow let it snow let it snow

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okay that comes perilously close to being a christmas carol. please forgive me. i hate that people play christmas music in november and this rampant christmas in september thing that’s going on is really starting to annoy me. like really, the santa claus parade is in the middle of november?


[i love christmas by the way, or perhaps i should say solstice celebration or the holidays, it’s just i don’t need three months of buildup to it.]

regardless, it snowed last night. really snowed with snow on my car this morning and everything. and it’s wonderful. the world is white, the air is crisp, the duvet is the correct bedding again [god i love duvets,] cheeks are rosy, cars are cranky and the heat is on.

which of course means that soon our homes will start to get that particular smell that a home gets when the windows haven’t been opened for months.

it also means that a lot of people will start to complain about the weather.

and you know? i sympathise, i really do. no, i really do.

but you know what else? when i was living in vancouver the weather was killing me. no. killing nme. like the last winter i was there i spent something like a month refusing to leave my house and mostly refusing to leave my room.

i did have the internet i should mention. though a vastly different internet it was.

but here is where the story changes. you see i noticed this killing tendency of the horrible weather in vancouver so i LEFT. I up and moved back to Ontario because here the sky is blue, it turns grey, there’s snow, the sky turns blue again. Ahhhh weather my body loves.

vancouver? the sky turns grey in october and except for maybe 5 days it stays like that until april or may. and it rains for days and days and days and days. [at one point i started counting after endless rain and from the day i started counting it rained or drizzled THIRTY ONE days in a row (not all day, but at least once per day)]

given a choice between +3C and rain and -30C and snow? I pick snow every single time. At least with snow when you enter your home all you have to do is shake your head and you’re done. the cold and damp in vancouver get into your bones and don’t leave for hours and hours after you enter a home. also snow is for skiing on and playing in.

but note. i hated the weather so i LEFT.

so i ask you, what is WITH all these people that move someplace or are born there and hate the weather and stay? is it just that they need something to complain about?

i’ve heard the arguments about work and family and i really do sympathise but this is a whole new world. if you don’t like where you are you hop on monster or whatever and you find yourself something else to do in another place. or you get a job at a large company and get yourself transferred.

what you don’t do is sit around and bitch to someone who is playing in the snow about how much the weather sucks.

what you especially don’t do is go out in january in a fall jacket, no socks, no hat, no gloves and no scarf and then whine about being cold. OF COURSE you’re cold, you’re not wearing the most basic or winter clothing… and yet somehow it’s the fault of the weather that you’re miserable.

one of my clients today was telling me how much she loves to run in the winter and i completely sympathise with her. the air and the light are somehow extra magical and crisp in the winter. the world is defintely dressed in it’s winter best and your breath makes beautiful frosty patterns in the air.

perhaps it’s extra beautiful because it’s ephemeral. because soot will land on the snow and turn it black. because plows will come and shove it into the wheels of your car or block your driveway. because in the city it will turn into slush. because if nothing else, in the spring it will melt.

i haven’t caught a snowflake on my tongue yet this winter but i’m certainly looking forward to it.

so to make a long story short i leave you with this. if you don’t like the weather there are planes leaving every hour… but please, shut the fuck up about it.



  1. I like snow, but I am one of those people that would rather not be that cold for any real extended period of time. which is why, naturally, I live in a tropical island LOL

    I always look forward to some winter taunting … to constantly referring to the 86° Fahrenheit weather, going to the beach, having to adjust my air conditioner to “high” … because it’s just so FUN sometimes.

    guess that won’t work here though ;)

    enjoy your winter wonderland sass … I wouldn’t mind visiting to catch snowflakes with you, but I also wouldn’t want to stick around for TOO long ;)

    Comment by DZER — November 24, 2005 @ 6:29 pm | Reply

  2. You read my mind again. I absofuckinglutely LOVE the snow.

    I get so sick of hearing people put me down because I am happy to accept my weather surroundings. Why should I sulk and complain when I can make the best of it by enjoying what is laid before me?

    Like you said, Sass, if you don’t like it, go somewhere else!

    Comment by SignGurl (Jenn) — November 24, 2005 @ 6:29 pm | Reply

  3. it’s snowing in new york too! i love waking up and the world is white…somehow it makes me feel like a little kid again

    amen on the “get the fuck out” point. or at least stop whining about it….

    Comment by da buttah — November 24, 2005 @ 7:04 pm | Reply

  4. If it would only snow @ 80 degrees…lol

    Comment by Mike — November 24, 2005 @ 10:51 pm | Reply

  5. Since I now officially have an address in THE COLDEST capital CITY IN THE WORLD, I may complain. I reserve the right :)

    Comment by Amber — November 24, 2005 @ 11:55 pm | Reply

  6. dzer: but see you solved the snow dilemma by living somewhere without it. now you visit it on occasion and love it and move on right?

    also you’ll be able to tease me on grey slushy days… just not the rest of them :)

    jenn: it seems you’re sharing a brain with johnny and i. welcome to the pack. i just put people down like this ‘i guess you don’t get out to play in the snow much huh?’ or ‘if only you skiied’ or whatever :)

    “Why should I sulk and complain when I can make the best of it by enjoying what is laid before me?”

    Comment by sassinak — November 25, 2005 @ 12:23 am | Reply

  7. LOL sass .. i love this post…

    yes there are warm places to live if you like warm.. and cold if you like cold..

    funny how people dont understand ill never live north of dallas.. hell even dallas is too cold for me… (packing my shit to move in with DZ!)

    Comment by sugarpunk — November 25, 2005 @ 12:59 am | Reply

  8. oh yeah.. about the nondrinking family.. the part of the family i actually get along with is the group of NON anything people.. although i sneak out for myself…

    weird as it may seem no one seems to notice my lil buzz…

    Comment by sugarpunk — November 25, 2005 @ 1:00 am | Reply

  9. funny thing is that i love warm weather just as much. i was really really happy (and skinny as hell!) in italy in the summer and it was 40C every day… so i can sympathise with your love of heat!

    i could imagine living anywhere that’s not north of thunder bay. as long as i get a summer for real i’m okay.

    funny thing about buzzes, noone ever notices i’m stoned either!

    Comment by sassinak — November 25, 2005 @ 7:31 am | Reply

  10. Dallas is too cold? When I lived in TX, all the regular folks figured I was kinda weird because I thought it was too hot by the time March came around. Each to their own I s’pose.

    I can’t wait to get out on the snowshoes and disappear into the forest for a hike. I’ll post pix so you can see how lovely it is.

    Comment by othercat — November 25, 2005 @ 10:41 am | Reply

  11. oc: you are kinda weird. course that has nothing to do with the weather in dallas! *g*

    i’m in for winter hiking but i’d rather not do it in a cedar bush this time… :)

    Comment by sassinak — November 25, 2005 @ 11:04 am | Reply

  12. One of the wonderful things about Canada, more so eastern Canada, is we have FOUR seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Supercold, warmer, hot, cooler/cold. Even with a little snow, it isn’t even winter yet! Gotta love it. When travelling through Australia, and it was summer at Christmas time, it felt distinctly strange. Send in the snow, bracing winds and clear skys. We are Canadian!

    Comment by Rachael — November 25, 2005 @ 12:09 pm | Reply

  13. mmm that is one of the wonderful things about this place. and i’ve had winters and summers all over this place now. i still need to spend a year or three in the maritimes too though.

    i am envious of your australia experience. i want a travel writing gig to go to oz… and nz and thailand and and and

    i will be able to afford travel soon i think

    Comment by sassinak — November 26, 2005 @ 12:05 am | Reply

  14. I just read this. Why? Who knows.

    Since you started it, I’ll add to it. You can check the weather every 5 minutes and NOTHING is going to change. No cussing the weatherman, praying, etc. Since I mentioned checking the weather, just step outside or put your hand on a window pane to see how it is. [this bit of advice from someone who occupies a dwelling with someone who constantly asks what the weather is going to be like…shit, i can’t change it so i don’t care]

    I live in a place with odd weather. We’re in the south, about an hour (if that) from South Carolina. Nice, huh? Well, we are at 2500′ in elevation and in the mountains. Nice, yes. Here’s the clincher…it gets cold. Snow? Yeah, one year we had snow in mid September, another year a semi blizzard on Halloweeen. Spring? March, though one time we had a blizzard in March that dumped over a meter of snow on us. Summer here is nice, though for 2 weeks (late July/early August) it sucks. Spring is nice, everything is awakening. Fall I love, not for the colors but for the cool nights and warm days. Winter? Well, I can tolerate snow. When it’s under 0F and windy and the humidity is up (which is normal) then it sucks. Just man up to it and dress for it. Even I take a break from wearing shorts. :)

    As far as dealing with it, well….hrmm. 3 seasons of nice are ok with me. Inlaws moved to Phoenix after years in Raleigh. Fall is nice in both places, winter was nicer in Phoenix. Spring? Raleigh has it beat. Summer? Fuck that, when you have days where the LOW is over 100 you can’t bitch about it, you decided to move there.

    The idealic place? Islands maybe, somewhere with nice tradewinds to keep the nights just a TAD cool and the days warm?

    All of the places I’ve spent seasons in – Rhode Island, Virginia Beach, Asheville, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Long Beach – they all have their weather pluses.

    Comment by castufari — November 27, 2005 @ 8:29 pm | Reply

  15. cast it makes me really sad the way you discuss your marriage and the woman you live with. i wish for so much more for you. with your passion and lust for life i think you should be living in a home filled with laughter and life. i’m sad that you say things like ‘occupies a dwelling with someone’ … so impersonal.

    as for the weather… aruba is 86f every day of the year because the trade winds start there!

    no one place has perfect weather… i think i would get bored in somewhere as perfect as aruba!

    Comment by sassinak — November 27, 2005 @ 9:36 pm | Reply

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