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December 12, 2005


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fyi i owe every single friend i have an email EXCEPT bubbles and LSD so to all of you i apologise.

wow i hurt

like wow.

there are whole new levels of fitness that i have to find if i’m going to keep letting hcg change how i move. he’s basically slowing me down and speeding me up at the same time. that is really fucking hard to explain to a non climber but the gist of it is that if you can’t do it slowly you actually can’t do it.

added to that is this idea that if you never quite stop moving, if instead you place something on a hold and something else starts at the same time to pull or to push that you will develop fluidity and flow to your movements.

it’s definetely working because i sent something that i had been working on for months and it wasn’t even hard. wasn’t even HARD!

so mostly i practise this movement thingy when i’m traversing [going sideways along a long wall to warm up the muscles but never being more than a few feet off the ground and not being roped in. good for endurance and practising moves or just for warming up or to blow all the energy you have at the end of the session] at the beginning of my day. but in addition to that i’ve changed the holds that i used and been going for things with more pinch and crimp.

i’ve gone from being able to do a triple traverse (there and back again thrice) to being able to go in one direction only and then collapse in a boneless heap at the end of it. but it feels SO pretty. sooo pretty i can’t even explain.

after i start to dial into this whole never stop moving and always know what you’re doing next thingy i’ll find that my hip will lead sometimes or that my weight will shift without my trying to get it to or that my leg will just flag (uh be hanging out and not on a hold) or smear (stuck to a wall where there isn’t a hold) at exactly the right spot.

without even trying.

dudes that problem was easy. i blew through the move that i couldn’t do and the three after it and sent the bitch and i wasn’t even winded.

interestingly when we do routes he tends to stick us on beginner things like 5.7s or 5.8s and just push this idea of slowness. also he suggests not skipping holds. do the route as the route setter intended and damm it often toughens it right up.

there’s one handed climbing too… that shit sucks it’s so hard.

anyway the point is i seem to have discovered that i am totally out of shape again. there are whole new levels of fitness that i just do not have yet and the second i started moving with fluidity i realised just how far i still had to go.

[this did NOT precipitate the i feel shitty post by the way… i noticed the fitness thing on sunday]

the thing that’s neat is that i can also feel that when i get that extra fitness? when the fluidity isn’t devastatingly difficult? when i’m not a boneless pile of panting sass after half a traverse? it will get SO easy to move on the walls.

unfortunately my moves are changing faster than my body is because i’m in some kind of intensive training camp or something and i hurt all fucking over. i went climbing (in reverse order) sunday, friday, wednesday, monday, friday, wednesday, monday in the last two weeks… that’s a lot. at least some part of every one of those sessions involved climbing with hcg and whether there was a verbal lesson or not just watching that guy move is an advanced class in climbing.



yeah but … it fucking HURTS in a few really surprising places. my abs are working harder than they were, the backs of my shoulders are pissed and strangely enough my quads really hurt. no dudes really hurt.

i’m starting to wonder what i’m training for because this is the fitness regime of someone with goals… and i have a sneaking suspicion that i want to compete. i’m a bit old for it though….

top all that off with a class with the goddess [damm i hate that nickname too] on saturday and a visit to my osteopath today and there isn’t a piece of me that doesn’t feel ripped open and reassembled. in fact i have acupuncture pins left all over my back so my body can ‘continue to process’ AND i should feel shifts and corrections for TWO OR THREE weeks!!

the good news is that she did *not* tell me that i was climbing too much. in fact she said that in spite of some aches and niggles (A LOT of which are accident leftovers) that climbing has clearly done wonders for me. she also said to just use my instincts and to not let my desire to go to the gym colour my read on those same instincts.

damn it’s annoying when they tell you to use your own judgement.

because then you actually do.



  1. You’re grasped onto something you do well and enjoy. Face it, climbing is a blast. When I went to Outward Bound that was the most fun (well it all was fun, but the climbing was a hoot). On the way back, standing at the airport we were all hanging out near the front where the pillars used to be rock and I was scaling them until the airport police told us to quit it.

    The bug doesn’t leave you either. It’s like a movement you learn and don’t forget. I still, after all these years, find myself grabbing for holds on stuff outside. There is a cool one at work I’d LOVE to hang on one day just for the hell of it. It’s like surfing, I can’t see a wave on tv or something without going “oh, nice left!”. The same with climbing. I guess skating too, ever curb/embankment is a place of enjoyment.

    Climb a little for me.

    Comment by castufari — December 12, 2005 @ 10:25 pm | Reply

  2. Sass, what great news that you have found someone that can teach you fluidity. I can often tell people how to do a move, but to get them to do it fluidly, thats beyond me. Stick with this guy. It sounds as if he’s bringing out the best in your climbing.

    Comment by Light Strikes A Deal — December 12, 2005 @ 10:49 pm | Reply

  3. cast: i don’t know that i do it particularly well. i see people walk into the gym and climb as well as i am much more quickly than i did. of course, being me, i want to do it perfectly from the first day and that makes it hard to advance sometims.

    every time you talk about outward bound i get jealous, it sounds like it was SUCH a good time! i’ve climbed buildings before and i will tell you that more and more things are looking climbable.

    heh… i’m like that with a few things. you won’t be as good as you were but damm it’s still in your heart and your body.

    cast i’m totally willing to climb a little for you. in fact i dedicate wednesday or (if i’m still this sore) friday to you :)

    lsd: dude he’s willing to teach anyone that will listen. i like learning.

    he doesn’t tell you how to do a move fluidly. he tells you how to do a move and he tells you how to move with fluidity … but putting together those ideas is still up to you.

    he’s bringing out the best in my climbing it’s true. not to mention he’s really excellent to hang out with whether there are routes around or not.

    Comment by sassinak — December 12, 2005 @ 11:33 pm | Reply

  4. I cannot even imagine climbing. I am so in awe of you. Maybe, once I shed the pounds, I might venture and do something like that. For now, it’s walking and weights and I will try to do pilates and yoga once I feel more in control of my body. You rock…no pun intended.



    Comment by Natalia — December 12, 2005 @ 11:40 pm | Reply

  5. nat listen… there is NOTHING i’ve ever done like climbing for melting your body. hubris lost like 30 pounds this SUMMER from climbing! [he turned out not to be eating enough too but i also ripped up and i eat whatever the fuck i want]

    try it dude it’s a blast. hell come visit me and i’ll take you.

    pilates and yoga are actually nicer places to start than weights… weights is hard and pilates or yoga are nurturing and awareness building and strengthening…

    *kicks self off hobby horse*


    Comment by sassinak — December 12, 2005 @ 11:42 pm | Reply

  6. Sass-

    Give me time to feel in control of my body and I will take you up on it. I actuallyhave a friend that just moved to Toronto and I am supposed to go see her next year :)


    Comment by Natalia — December 12, 2005 @ 11:50 pm | Reply

  7. yay you can come to my class! :)

    don’t you love how i assume you’ll want to?

    are you really coming up here because i think it would be totally excellent to go for coffee (beer?) and actually shoot the breeze.

    it must be really weird what the (crap what’s the acronym… pcis… no that isn’t it… uh… i’ll look in my archives later) condition that you have had done to you. things imposed from without are always really hard to adjust to.

    yay natalia is visiting!

    Comment by sassinak — December 13, 2005 @ 12:14 am | Reply

  8. Sass-

    If by that time I have managed to lose a few pounds and feel like I can manage a class without rolling off the mat and not being able to stop rolling, then I’d love to.

    Yes, I really am planning a trip to Toronto. A friend of mine from Argentina just moved there and once she gets settled in, I have an open invitation.

    And of course once I am there… beer or coffee and shooting the breeze and yes evern a pilates class sounds wonderful :)


    Comment by Natalia — December 13, 2005 @ 12:33 am | Reply

  9. i feel like I just went up a wall next to Clint Eastwood in the Eiger Sanction!

    Your explanation has me tired. hell, I’m not sure I’ll be able to climb into BED after that!


    the closest I can relate is from football … thinking I was all in great condition and so strong and powerful … and then going to bale hay with a buddy and being about dead by lunch but still having to finish the rest of the afternoon out … you get sore in places you didn’t know you had muscles LOL

    of course, if I was a more FLUID hay baler, it might have been a little better LOL

    Comment by DZER — December 13, 2005 @ 4:17 am | Reply

  10. nat: i’ve taught people that were way way over 300 pounds. so far over he won’t tell me what he weighs. unless your pics are blatant lies i can tell you for sure you won’t roll off the mat *grin*

    yay natalia is coming to visit! *happy dance*

    keep me posted.

    dzer: i haven’t seen that movie, is it good?

    i’m sorry that reading about my poor sore (even more sore this morning *groan*) body made you all tired… imagine how tired *I* am! (most of this is osteo stuff at this point though)

    hope you had a good sleep *grin* i found it impossible to roll over.

    that’s an excellent relating… and baling hay is FUCKING HARD!

    i’m not sure fluid would help with that but probably…

    Comment by sassinak — December 13, 2005 @ 9:01 am | Reply

  11. sass: it’s an awesome 70s flick! rent it if you can.

    and I hate it when I’m hurting so much I can’t roll over … ugh

    yes … baling hay sucks ass … but it paid well

    Comment by DZER — December 13, 2005 @ 9:10 am | Reply

  12. Time to face the strain ch-ch-changes…

    Oh how I love that song.

    Face the strain Sass, apparently it’s coming along well. What was that one quote by that one guy that said:

    Man who tolerates pain with grace lives for many moons.

    I’m not that guy of course, so you come and rub my breasts for about 15 minutes and I’ll give you the deep tissue massage of your life!

    *sigh* I love ya Sassy. Good on ya honey… keep climbing!

    Comment by Everything nice — December 13, 2005 @ 10:30 am | Reply

  13. dzer: will do :)

    yeah it sucks to be in that much pain…. but at least it’s getting better a lot faster than it did last time :)

    bubbleS: yeah i love that song myself

    and i am definetely facing new strains these days but i wouldn’t be facing them if my body and my soul weren’t ready for them. i really beleive that :)

    that guy is right but damn that’s hard to do!

    *huggles* bubbles … and i’m sure lots of my commenters would be happy to rub your boobies!

    Comment by sassinak — December 13, 2005 @ 12:34 pm | Reply

  14. If it helps EN to get better, I would in the name of charity.

    Chiro thinks I’m healing nicely…still won’t allow me to do anything taxing besides ball exercises (on those huge rubber balls). I’m ready.

    Shopped for climbing shoes today, wow, SNUG. :D

    Comment by castufari — December 13, 2005 @ 2:11 pm | Reply

  15. cast: aw geeze such a gentleman :)

    i thought you said it was your last visit to the chiro? i’m confused.

    ball exercises are taxing as HELL! which ones are you doing?

    yeah and in a year you’ll wish you’d bought smaller ones!

    Comment by sassinak — December 13, 2005 @ 3:14 pm | Reply

  16. I was going to bail on the chiro but we had a talk and he’s changed his attitudes a LOT.

    Superman and another one that is similar. I’m also using a ball for my office chair, which is super comfy.

    I saw some onsale, I’ll wait until I’m healed before I buy. Got a GC to that I might use for shoes/harness/the other cool shades I wanted.

    Comment by castufari — December 13, 2005 @ 3:31 pm | Reply

  17. i really really need to find some kind of work out that makes me hurt again..

    i miss that hurt. that hurt is the best!

    Comment by da buttah — December 13, 2005 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

  18. cast: what did you say to the chiro that changes his attitude?

    superman? funny thing i actually think i know what you mean. crap i wish you lived close, i’d put you back together!

    yeah don’t buy shoes until you’re well enough to test them!

    elle: you’re right you do. working out sucks.

    finding a sport/dance/movement/exercise that you love that makes you want to do it even when you hurt so much you can’t roll over in bed?


    and yeah… i love it. i can’t feel my shoulders right now and still i think i’ll go tonight…

    Comment by sassinak — December 13, 2005 @ 3:44 pm | Reply

  19. that was me with kickboxing!

    but running and tahitian dancing just don’t do it for me like kickboxing did….and i can’t find any muy thai studio’s here….

    i was thinking personal trainer..but i can’t afford that to begin with….so i’m looking for something. don’t think climbing is my thing…but…iono..maybe another martial art of sorts? hmmmmmmm

    i’d feel like a lame ass starting from scratch at my age though…

    i’ll figure it out! ’til then, i guess i’ll bless the fact the only pain i feel is that of hunger. yay dieting!

    Comment by da buttah — December 13, 2005 @ 4:03 pm | Reply

  20. sass: I told him that he’d be more convincing if he laid off the supplements. I take a few, that is ok, but don’t hit me up weekly. Not sure he’s used to hearing feedback from clients, but someone had to do it.

    Comment by castufari — December 13, 2005 @ 5:00 pm | Reply

  21. I hate spammers.

    Comment by castufari — December 13, 2005 @ 6:57 pm | Reply

  22. butt: i started climbing when i was 29 years old. if i thought like that i’d be like ‘oh i can’t do this sport i didn’t learn it when i was a teenager’

    start something new, it will inspire you!

    personal trainers tend to suck anyway so i think you should go for something you’re likely to love like martial arts. i have a friend who swears by tai chi but it’s probably too slow for you?

    fuck dieting, eat more, work out more… it balances :)

    cast: i hate spammers too

    good job on lecturing the chiro!

    Comment by sassinak — December 13, 2005 @ 11:15 pm | Reply

  23. Starting something new is daunting? Try getting into a fitness regime in your 40s after a couple of decades of sedentary life. Thanx to Sass, I am now working out more than I ever have since high school and I graduated in 1980. (I’m feeling older and younger at the same time.!)

    I’m going to take up climbing in the new year. I tried it a while back and it was a blast. I suppose there’s no point in being poultrycrap and putting it off forever. I’m not surprised that Sass is a climbing addict. It sure helps to have friends who have common interests.

    Comment by othercat — December 14, 2005 @ 2:01 pm | Reply

  24. othercat: i don’t know if i’ve ever told you how proud i am of you for this. you took my example, ran with it, kicked it’s ass and found your own way. i’m really proud of you for that and of your body for loving it so much.

    poultrycrap??? *snerk!*

    you keep saying you’re going to take up climbing and i’m starting to consider believing you. call the gym, take a lesson, climb with me (and maybe hubris and hcg and mg)

    why aren’t you surprised that i’m addicted?

    Comment by sassinak — December 14, 2005 @ 2:20 pm | Reply

  25. Any fitness activity is good activity.

    Now Sass, let’s not get snarky on OC. :)

    Comment by castufari — December 14, 2005 @ 2:27 pm | Reply

  26. wait i snarked? i didn’t mean to snark

    i like to tease him though… but he’s at least as busy as i am.

    i suspect he’s realised that the only way to see me regularly is to climb with me *grin*

    Comment by sassinak — December 14, 2005 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

  27. I can resist petty sniping like this. Sass and I have been doing battle for some time now, and a quip like that doesn’t even register. Sass should try harder!

    As for not being surprised, climbing is fun. Especially if you’ve fallen 25 or 30 feet from a natural rock face, and gotten up to try it again.

    I had a scare a long time ago, and after trying climbing on the artificial cliff, I realized that I was not chickenshit. I can do this. I may not be very good at it, but I can do it. Gotta start somewhere.

    Comment by othercat — December 14, 2005 @ 5:21 pm | Reply

  28. the funny thing is that i really wasn’t trying to snark… a little bit of teasing maybe but not even our usual level of battle. i didn’t register it as a quip either!

    climbing really is fun, i did it as a kid a lot too and just didn’t know it was a sport. if i had i woulda started then :)

    noone is good when they start but with the body control you’ve learned you’ll get better pretty quickly.

    yay othercat will climb with me!

    Comment by sassinak — December 14, 2005 @ 11:28 pm | Reply

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