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March 4, 2006

reality bites

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(friday night)
oh my universe i actually feel human again.

not all the way better but to the point where i want a little toot off my pipe and some solid food. i’m actually going to class with rr tomorrow although i’ll maybe skip half the stuff and just get warmed up. i’m still getting light headed when i exert myself and it’s definitely not easy to find the logic inside of the stoned morass that is the sinus cold. but it’s better.

(saturday evening)
ahhh i can breathe.

class with the goddess was surprisingly good actually, in fact my body was much more cooperative than expected. cooperative enough that i am beginning to suspect that i got a cold in large part because my body wanted the week off.

don’t scoff, i was feeling run down as hell before i got the sinus cold and now even though i’m not even all the way better everything is much happier. and if you don’t think your body plays a large part in deciding whether or not it feels like getting a cold then i’m sorry.

it’s still a bit annoying really since i had taken a week off from climbing already for resting purposes and suddenly it’s something like three weeks with one climb. i feel all flabby and fat and unworked out and and and…. it’s so funny what happens when you take an exercise junkie and remove her ability to exercise. it’s like we go a bit nuts because we can’t work out our stuff the way we’re used to.

take me for instance, if i’m upset or stressed or angry or feeling hard done by i’ll take myself climbing, toss my shit at a wall and walk out refreshed. or at least significantly less likely to murder someone… i’ve never been the type to go to a shrink, instead i take my negative feelings and transmute them into muscle.

muscle is so much prettier than a dark cloud over your head could ever be. and the best thing about exercise is that it’s as addictive as any other drug and the act of exercising gives you endorphins that make you happy AND it makes you not hungry so it even helps with the dieting!

not that i need any help with that this week. i went and lost close to ten pounds while i was sick. no worries, i took myself to mcdonalds so i should be back to my usual whining about my inability to drop the last twenty pounds anytime now.

irony. i’ve lost that ten pounds like five or eight times already but my body isn’t ready for it to be off. or i’m not since i keep eating at mcdonalds.

mmmmmm deep fried lard mixed with potatoes.

such deliciousness.

i heard my father use the word excellentissimo.

my life is complete.

so i’ve been thinking some about those pants i bought the other day. the ones that are a small and are supposed to make me feel all excellent about myself because i can fit into a small. the ones that have me shaking my head and wondering what most of the women i know would get to wear if *I* get to be the small. (and there was no XS either)

the lady at the store was very petite and she was wearing the kids sizes but there are at least 5 sizes of woman between me and her. she was like 5’2″ with hips about the size of my waist.

so she’s a kid and i’m a small (and the smalls are extra long on ME) and then there’s medium and large and extra large. i’m currently hovering around the average size of the north american woman (13) which should logically put me in a medium or a large.

so the petite lady at the store buys all her clothing in kids. that means that there are enormous numbers of women out there who are also buying their clothing in the kids section. in ontario that’s extra cool because there’s no provincial sales tax on kids clothing but.


if i’m a small now that means that every woman who is smaller than i am (by definition half the population of north america) is screwed when they’re trying to buy clothing. so if those women are shopping in the kids section it stands to reason that they will be selecting with the eyes of an adult.

they will be after the scoop necked top. the low rise jeans. the sexy and form fitting dress. the mini skirt. the midriff shirt. the boob hugging top. the business casual outfits.

right, clothing the average relatively attractive and well built adult woman would want to wear.

which suddenly lends a pile of insight to the trend of marketing sexy clothing to children. some genius noticed that all the adult styled clothing in the kids section was selling like hotcakes.

said genius failed utterly to notice the inability of modern women to figure out what size they are or that half the women in north america are more and more being forced to shop in the kids section because manufacturers are making size labels based on ‘feel good sizing’ rather than reality. in turn said genius said ‘hey look, let’s market this sex clothing shit to kids aggressively!’ and of course more and more small women are turning to the kids sections to get their clothing.

it’s a catch twenty two.

makes you wonder what came first. ten year old girls dressing like hookers or that marketing genius crunching some numbers.

for me i’m not thinking that it’s the ten year old girls.

not that we’ll ever know, the ten year old girl of today is so well trained that she knows she’s supposed to dress like britney spears every single day. funny because britney doesn’t dress that way on her days off. okay it’s probably not britney anymore, there’s probably some new teen sensation who makes hilary duff look old but whatever, you get the gist.

makes you wonder what that girl would want to wear without all the ‘tween’ marketing doesn’t it?

i guess it’s still the same old question, which came first?



  1. there’s actually a company, I forget which one but I think it’s either the Gap or Guess, that recently debuted a size “OO” jeans. That’s double-zero. Because size O just wasn’t small enough?

    What’s up with women’s sizing?

    If men have a 32-inch waist, they wear a size 32. If they have a 58-inch waist, they wear a size 58. How come women like to cheat on their actual sizes? LOL

    Comment by DZER — March 4, 2006 @ 11:29 pm | Reply

  2. dzer it’s not true, i wish to god i knew what size i was. no word of a lie, recently i went jeans shopping and the 12s were too big and the 14s were too small. i swear.

    but i knew several women who think that xxs is too big and wish there was a xxxs just the same way i wish there was a ‘medium long’ or ‘small long’ or whatever. if it fits my shoulders and my waist and my bust i want to faint.

    dudes sizing is better so i tend to shop for men’s clothing :)

    Comment by sassinak — March 4, 2006 @ 11:35 pm | Reply

  3. i have several different sizes in my closet… and i’m not talking about “fat” clothes and “skinny(ier) clothes…
    i’m talking about the clothes that fit me now. i wear at least three different sizes on top, depending on the item… so i have to take at least two sizes of the same item into the dressing room with me to see if anything fits. it’s ridiculous.

    and you make an excellent and most disturbing point about the adult styling of kids clothing. bleah.

    Comment by terry — March 5, 2006 @ 1:31 am | Reply

  4. sass: sorry hon; didn’t mean to imply YOU lied, or women in general, I meant the women’s fashion industry.

    I know that even the ambiguos sizes — S, M, L, XL — that can vary a bit (for example I can wear some 3XL shirts while another style in 4XL is too tight), there are usually guidelines for men. Small will be 30-34, for example.

    But why does a size 6 equal … what … 28-inch waist? Why is there a size Zero, for the love of Pete? That’s ridiculous!!

    I briefly considered a women’s clothing store that would be called Size 6. If you wore a size 12, you would go to that rack … but on the tag it would say “size 6.” That way, every woman, when asked what size clothing they wore, no matter how big or small they were, could say, “Oh, I’m wearing a size 6.”


    Comment by DZER — March 5, 2006 @ 3:15 am | Reply

  5. I know little of women’t clothes. I like to know how they come off, but that involves interpersonal communication, something about sweet nothings (whatever that is,) a dinner or two, a small form of commitment, and other assorted things I will never be mature enough for. LOL. I did enjoy the insight into that world though, thanks.

    Comment by Casually Me — March 5, 2006 @ 9:00 am | Reply

  6. terry: as do i. i have clothing that’s a large and still too short for me (although always a little big these days) and clothing that’s a medium and too big and it’s all just messed up.

    and i don’t mean ‘fat’ and ‘skinny’ clothes either although i also have those.

    i’m the same as you on top. depends on the shoulders and the bust and the waist. top it off that i’m one of those women who has a ten inch difference between her waist and her bust/hips and imagine trying to figure out what size i am. such fun.

    yeah it’s a scary point isn’t it? as soon as it occured to me it felt true and now it grosses me out.

    dzer: i didn’t feel like you said i lied, i was just contrasting myself to the ‘expectations’ … but man the fashion industry is fucked up.

    at least you have an idea. every new brand is like a whole new road to travel for me. will the rise be long enough? (never, thank the universe for the low rise craze) will the sleeves be long enough? (no) will it fit at the shoulders AND waist? (nearly never) will there be enough room at the bust? (more often since i went down a bunch of cup sizes) or is it ridiculous to try on the largest size because i’m taller than 5’5? (sometimes)

    it’s such a damm pain.

    i know enough women that are legitimately 0’s that it isn’t even ridiculous. extra funny is that all of them used to be 4’s.

    i like your store idea… but noone under a size six would ever shop there :)

    cas: come now weren’t you married seventeen or eighteen times? *grin*

    you’re welcome. i’m not sure how right i am but it feels right… and if it is? that’s scary and sorta gross.

    the commercialisation of children, got to love the world we live in.

    Comment by sassinak — March 5, 2006 @ 11:59 am | Reply

  7. Sassy little one…this is a question that has bothered me for ages and I finally decided that I needed to talk to someone that knew a whole hell of alot more about clothing than I do – I have a g/f who used to be a buyer for Nordstroms so I went to someone that would know. It turns out that as the average size of people increases, the manufacturers gradually increase the actual physical size of the clothing without increasing the size numbering of clothing. This allows them to continue selling to a large market of women who are very size aware.

    Think about it in terms of shoes – when I was younger, for the life of me, finding a decent pair of shoes was impossible – my parents used to have shoes made to fit me as women’s shoes did not go to size 9.5 or 10 wides. Now….you can walk into your neighborhoood mass retailer (payless / wal-hell / kmart) and find women’s shoes up to a size 12 with no problem. Better nutrition, better medical care = people growing taller and bigger in many cases. Marketing people don’t want to miss out on that potential market and will gradually increase the size of things to match people and the body types.

    One thing that surprised me not too long ago, teenager’s clothing is now moving into plus sizes. Took a pal’s daughter shopping and was really dreading it as she is on the heavy side and I was sure it was going to be discouraging searching for things her father would approve of and that she would like…ended up with lots her father disapproved of but clothes she really liked thanks to plus sizes now being made for younger women.

    Hang in there…as the normal weight for women increases, before you know it, you too will be wearing a size 4…~L~ glad I don’t have to worry about it…child bearing hips and all doomed me to a life of never wearing low ride jeans.

    Comment by grainne — March 5, 2006 @ 2:05 pm | Reply

  8. I really, really thought hard for something to add to this convo, but seeing as how I am neither female nor a child (or even small)I will just say this: if my phantom-daughter-who-doesn’t-really-exist ever tries to leave the house wearing low-riders with the word “Juicy” written on the butt, she’s going to a convent. And I’m not even religious.

    Comment by I Am Scorpionic — March 5, 2006 @ 3:09 pm | Reply

  9. grainne: thank you. i really enjoyed this explanation and it made a lot of sense.

    my one thought is that the women who are small are having a harder and harder time getting clothing in adult stores.

    it’s cool that there are plus sizes for kids though, that’s fantastic.

    hee i love low rise, it saves my long rise. and i have hips too and still it’s better…

    scorp: word.

    Comment by sassinak — March 5, 2006 @ 3:59 pm | Reply

  10. i need to get addicted to working out again..

    and de-addict myself to the awesomeness that is subway!!

    Comment by da buttah — March 5, 2006 @ 9:21 pm | Reply

  11. grainne: the other thing i don’e understand here is why i get to be the same size my whole life. women gain weight. people gain weight. you’re supposed to get bulkier as you age. i don’t mean fat, but i would die if i tried to weight what i did when i was 15. and i was perfectly healthy then.

    but i don’t expect to be that size now. all of my measurements have increased by a few inches so i should be bigger. so instead of making a ten into a six why don’t they just start making standard clothing up to about an 18 or something?

    and with plus size… how come you can’t have a waist if you’re a plus? what if you’re tall and actually have a waist? and shoulders? i hate that all plus size clothing is cut to round.

    elle: mmmm went climbing today. didn’t do much and am awesomely tired.

    subway rocks… get rid of the dressing and eat up. go for the wrap or something… :)

    Comment by sassinak — March 6, 2006 @ 1:13 am | Reply

  12. Yaay I am so happy you feel all human and are able to, like, breathe, and other essential stuff *g*

    I sooo believe your body makes those decisions. It’s like… “OK bitch, you have been abusing the fuck out of me and I am going to rebel and shit…take this, I am not defending myself against this virus…see? This is me protesting!” And yeah…that’s how it goes. The body needs what the body needs.

    And I totally get the thing about having exercise taken away. I used to feel the same way when I worked out every day and I actually spent some mornings wishing I was at the gym. Maybe one day i will get back to that place.

    And…duuuude…sizes on clothes today are RIDICULOUS. Seriously…someone has been smoking some shit. There is such a thing as a double zero. ICK … zero means you don’t exist? Hmmm.

    ROTFL. Sorry… it’s just soooo dumb to me.


    Comment by Natalia — March 6, 2006 @ 12:31 pm | Reply

  13. size zero’s scare me

    probably because their waist is the equivalent of my thigh hehe

    i hate shopping. i really hate how sizes never translate. guys go into most stores and get their size, and it fits. i have to play “does this run big or small” all the time.

    ex: i’m a 12 at the limited, a 10 at banana republic.. i don’t fit into anything at express, and somehow, i fit into an 11/10 at gucci. What the shit y’all?! some consistency would be nice!

    Comment by da buttah — March 6, 2006 @ 2:33 pm | Reply

  14. nat: yeah like breathing is like pretty important :) i’m still snorting gross stuff but at least i can inhale with only minor congestion.

    and yeah that’s exactly what i mean about your body. even more i think it kicks you into sick to force you to rest. like my body is in a way better mood than it was a week ago even though i’m feeling all wimpy still.

    i regularly wish i were at the climbing gym actually. it’s one of my happy places in fact. so yeah it’s nice when you get back to that.

    sizes are fucked right up it’s true. i just wish i knew which of 4 possible sizes to grab on my way to the change room. i remember when i was always either an 8 or a 10 (yes i was thinner then) and now i’m either a 10,12,14 and probably a 16 in some places… it’s messy.

    hee so double zero means you disappear if you put them on? :)

    elle: me too. and yet i know enough women shaped like that (all 5’1 or 5’2) in a fully healthy way that i find it strange to imagine what they get to wear.

    the size game is ridiculous, why can’t they just make a 10-petite/regular/long and be done with it?

    damm dude.. my favourite is still old navy. 12s are too big and 14s are too small :)

    Comment by sassinak — March 6, 2006 @ 2:56 pm | Reply

  15. pants aside..

    i’ll never understand shirt sizing. alright, i got the point that i have ginormous boobs…but…i’m kinda pear shaped in that i’m smaller on top than i am on the bottom…so..the fact a shirt comes in a 10,11,12,14,16 doesn’t help me..and the fact that a size 8 shirt fits me, but not my boobs, and a size 10 shirt is a bag on me…makes no sense.

    also makes no sense that when i go up from a 12 to a 14 in pants..the 12 is snug, and the 14 is falling off my ass.

    HATE IT! this makes me dread going clothes shopping on friday even more haha

    Comment by da buttah — March 6, 2006 @ 5:30 pm | Reply

  16. oh man shirts are even worse. my boobs are small now but my waist is WAY smaller than my shoulders/bust which means that anything that fits my arm looks like a sack and anything that fits my waist cuts off the circulation in my shoulders and flattens my chest.

    good times, good times.

    and yeah i’m a size smaller on top than on the bottom too.

    yeah i think there’s something funny in the 12-14 jump where they like change manufacturers or something… or now it’s a “plus” size and automagically needs to be 8 sizes bigger than the one before.

    damm you have to shop? you poor thing.

    Comment by sassinak — March 6, 2006 @ 5:35 pm | Reply

  17. DUUUUUUUUDEEEEEEESS! I have the same problem!!! All of the above what is it with women’s f’ed up sizes!!! I truly hate it!

    Okay so jeans suck, express forget about it, Lucky size 7 or 8, Ambrocrombie size 6, Gap size 10 or 12 (even through 11 would be fabulous, course they don’t make it!) Old Navy maybe a 10, sometimes a 8! So in general I am anywhere from a 6 to a 12 WTF! That is a huge difference but it is all me at the same size just never the same size! It is Sooooooo lame, before I buy online anymore I have to go to a store to see how that brand and even style fits me! It sucks! Even within the same brand different styles will fit differently!

    Oh and tops they are worse! I mean what exactly is a S, M, & L! It is different for every shirt! Either my boobs pop out and I have to wear a tank under or I look like (as Elle so nicely put it) I am wearing a bag.

    Gotta love the boobs by shirts (esp. button-up’s, which I mostly have to wear to work) never fit! They are not made for women especially women with boobs!

    Okay and the 00’s sickly enough I live in a town where 00’s and 0’s are stocked more and sell out faster than any other size! It’s like anorexia is on a rampage around here! It grosses me out, too may Barbie bottle blondes and boyish figures! My thinking is if you want a girl with no thighs, no hips, and no boobs, and you can see her spine when she turns around, well my friend I hate to be the one to break it to ya (or expose ya) but you are gay! You like little boys not women.

    And this is not some overweight bitter woman talking, I am healthy proportioned and not fat by any means. I wish sizes were like mens where I could actually measure my waist and buy THAT size! I mean what a concept!

    Yeah Sass I am glad you are feeling better! You should definitely try that Airborne though. I am not really into taking pills and all that sort of crap in fact I rarely take ANYTHING but that stuff is fantastic, I haven’t been truly sick in a LONG time (**knocks on wood desk**) and I am around so many sickly people between work, school and all the chilin’s I look after!

    Casually me: OMG! cracking me up

    Scorpionic: ditto

    Sass: I never thought of that about marketing to children and women and the rise of little hookers trolling around the streets and malls! One more reason I hate Corporate America! Nasty bastards! They are all crooked!

    Okay gotta go back to work and look busy now. :)

    Remember to keep taking care of yourself you can still get re-sick!


    Comment by Viktoryia — March 7, 2006 @ 12:21 am | Reply

  18. vik: i wish i knew. what i find interesting is that every woman that comments here has the same problems which makes it even stranger that the manufacturers aren’t clueing in.

    they never make the size that would fit me. i either look like an overstuffed sausage, a girl in a sack or someone who can’t find pants long enough. i think it started with bras. there isn’t a d cup in the world that’s the same size as any other d cup. course i’m a c now so that’s irrelevant. anyway…

    i can always find stuff that fits shoulders/bust it’s just also getting it to fit the waist AND be long enough that’s nigh on impossible.

    the thing about the 00s is that i know women who are (for example) pilates instructors who also go to circus school or run marathons or… they’re ripped and happen to be short and thus tiny. so although they eat and they work out they’re still finding even the 00s are too big. sure the population is getting larger but with the influx from asia it’s also getting smaller.

    messy messy.

    but yeah, the built like a boy skeletons are totally different and very gross looking. it’s just i know people who are very thin and yet eat so i know they exist also. (hee i do wonder about men who date severely andro women but then i know that everyone thinks trinity is super hot and she’s basically a boy so…

    you can’t be overweight if you’re wearing 6-12 sizes. well you might manage a tiny bit chubby if you’re short but otherwise i’m assuming you have a pretty hot bod.

    god wouldn’t it be nice to know what size you were?

    i will look into airborne for sure, it sounds like great stuff. for now i want to see how my own immune system does if i just take slightly better care…

    yeah they both cracked me up too vik.

    i don’t know if i’m right about the ten year olds dressed like hookers but it feels right and is definetely food for thought if nothing else…

    ew work :)

    yeah i noticed that i didn’t sleep enough one night and woke up with a setback. stoopid colds take it out of you for weeks

    Comment by sassinak — March 7, 2006 @ 12:32 pm | Reply

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