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November 22, 2006

dating et al

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wordpress got it’s first post today.

there i was three quarters of the way through and cruising along and then my browser up and crashed and the post is gone. if this were blogger i wouldn’t be surprised but see they have AUTOSAVE here.

what the fuck?

why isn’t my autosaved post still here post crash? isn’t that the point? i am perturbed.


so i’ve been online dating again.

i’m sorry, it happened by accident. i wasn’t like expecting it you know?

i joined this website and made a cursory profile (required to join) so i could look at the pictures of the half nekkid and all the way nekkid men on there.

and so, if i’m really bored or they send me an email to tell me something they consider important i’ll go login… and come on, it’s fun to open your email and find cock pictures in it.

what? it is.

anyway most of the email i get is from married men or it’s inane. this is funny because this is my profile:

sassinak’s profile: really i’m just eyeing up the pictures. i know that’s probably a bad reason to make a profile but well. i don’t object to meeting someone here but i’m very strict on my no married men policy and i find it hard to imagine that would be easy to manage here.

my ideal person: consideration, sense of adventure, a gentle touch, teeth, fitness, brains, confidence and fun.

  • gender: woman
  • birthdate: august 12, 1971
  • sexual orientation: bi-curious
  • lives in: toronto, on
  • marital status: divorced 
  • height: 177-178cm
  • body type: athletic
  • smoker: no
  • drinker: light/social
  • education: prefer not to say
  • race: caucasian
  •  bra size: c
  • speaks: english
  • hair color: brown
  • hair length: medium
  • eye color: green
  • glasses/contacts: none 

and that’s it.

that’s my WHOLE profile.

and i got a lot of emails on my first day and in my first week and then they trickled off. i didn’t mind, i mean after a while i’d even seen enough cocks.

shush madame it is so possible!

well it never lasts of course and then i want more pictures but whatever.

anyway after the initial deluge it trickled off and then i started to get one to five messages a week… and some of those indicated that someone has in fact READ my profile.

can you imagine?

i know it’s short but i got so much stuff from married men i didn’t understand it. i mean it’s like the only thing i specify!

anyway now that my profile is going stale the emails are getting really good. good enough that i answered a couple.

the first guy was kind of a dud. really good to start with and then just got all stupid.

seriously y’all do not tell a girl you are free all weekend and then say no to her suggested time cause stuff came up.

then add on rebooking the time you finally pick three times before cancelling.

then when she says tuesday or wednesday and you say either and she says wednesday? don’t fucking tell her you missed that you had raptors tickets.

one? dude it’s canada, watch hockey.

two? if you don’t know on monday morning that you have raptors tickets for wednesday? you’re kind of an idiot. anyway i have become unavailable to his emails.

dude managed to use up all his shots before i ever met him. so of course i won’t bother meeting him.

in the meantime? excellent email number two arrives.

no cock shot +5

read my profile and referenced it +3

said something funny +3

kept it brief +1

failed to use u or r or any textism like that +10

didn’t demand instant sex or instant hotchat +10

didn’t call me honey or sweetie or babe + 2

so like a week later i answered his email and now we’re chatting and this dude is pretty interesting. why is it that my odds are actually better on a site dedicated to finding people to fuck? is it that because of that people are intrinsically more honest and more selective about what they want?

i really specifically don’t want a married guy or three pictures of your dick before i’ve ever met you. i don’t want to form opinions about you based on the fact that there’s a picture of your dick entering a woman’s vagina on your profile. well i do want to form those opinions and they go along the lines of “that’s all well and good for you free and casual folks but i prefer my sex with a dash of intimacy sorry”

the thing is? that’s fine! they’re not going to message me either, i’m not interesting and i didn’t post a crotch shot, why would they want to? other than the hit every new profile gets those folks are going to leave me alone.

so somehow, here where it’s explicit and eighteen plus you have people being much more honest about what they want and somehow we all just fall to our correct strata. cock and vagina shot people to the left, face and no pic people to the right. excellent. now shot of penis in mouth or vagina people to the left again and half naked torso and briefs to the right again and ahh now we’re getting somewhere.

people self select to their own level. it’s freaking brilliant.

it’s like the sedentary rock of dating it is.

and when you consider how many relationships break up over sex? maybe it’s not such a bad place to start. and i don’t mean one night stands or fucking to select a partner. i mean admitting you have a sex drive and what kind it is…

on this site? you can even pick what you really want:

Erotic Chat/Email/Phone Fantasies
1-on-1 sex
Discreet Relationship
Group sex(3 or more)
Bondage & Discipline
Exhibitionism & Voyeurism
Sadism & Masochism
Miscellaneous Fetishes
Other “Alternative” Activities

it’s weird y’all, somehow it’s more honest.

do i expect to meet anyone? god no, but i’m already having a lot more fun



  1. Well….hmmmmmmmm, *tapping foot*, what to say. Wow, okay…as long as you’re having fun with it, good for you. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to say. :)

    Comment by kathi — November 22, 2006 @ 4:11 pm | Reply

  2. You know I’m doing the online dating thing too. The one I’m using is a little tamer than the one your on, but still plenty of cocks/twats/cocks&twats to be found if you look! I’ve had 3 phone numbers, about a dozen ‘fuck buddy’ offers and quite a few men who unfortunately whilst they are nice, are the same age as my mother which weirds me out a little, all profess that they believe we would be a match made in heaven. Some of them are so simliar I’m beginning to think it’s all one man with multiple personalities that aren’t very different from each other!

    I’m currently chatting to an air force man who claims to be able to get me up close and personal with the f-18’s and the like, and I have to tell ya, I don’t care if it’s a line or not, just the thought of it makes me hot…hehehehe At least I know he’s listening when I’m typing!

    I think your right about the honesty, it seems to be more easily accessible on these sites, having said that I know a lot that choose to gloss over certain details which leads to what I refer to as false advertising. But for the busy, discerning and cynical women of today I think it’s a legitimate way to meet people where you get but a glimpse of what is out there, but with extra short listing factors like those you mentioned. I particularly loved the last three on your list :)

    Good luck and keep on having fun, afterall that what’s life is all about right?


    Comment by debambam — November 22, 2006 @ 6:42 pm | Reply

  3. i don’t get it. why would anyone want to perhaps maybe somehow whatever get into a relationship with a guy who posts pictures of his penis on the internet? if he does it now, he’ll do it then. know what i mean? and how do you know it’s his? that’s the kicker. (kick him in the balls? maybe)

    i was listening to a woman on the radio a while back who has written a book about internet dating. she says that you’ve got to cut two inches off the stated height of the man. if they say they are 5’9″ they are guarenteed to be 5’7″. with women, add 20 pounds.

    with cock pictures? realize phymosis. ;)

    imagine if you were admiring a big cock picture (circumsized) and the guy actually has a little weenie with a foreskin and tons of smegma…… worse than gum disease……

    just thought i’d gross you out. big BIG time. LOL

    see ya on friday. i had major major quadratus lumborum (right side) spasm and holy crap! try driving a standard with that……… it’s to cry for.

    Comment by gabi — November 22, 2006 @ 9:39 pm | Reply

  4. kathy: *huggs* i am… weird huh?

    deb: i was on lavalife and okcupid for a long time and all i got out of them was people who didn’t actually seem to spark off me. i met a lot of people that were just really nerdy. so i decided to go hang where the non-nerds are. you know, the people who use online dating for sex *grin*

    anyway who knew, occasional interesting boys… no idea what they’ll turn out to be like in person so i’m reserving judgement.

    there are a lot of people who send the same email to everyone, i’ve learned to pretty much ignore anything that doesn’t specifically reference things that i’ve said in my profile… and to sort of recognize the stock replies. the fuck buddy thing will settle down once your profile gets older. act relatively quickly, my sister says no one looks at old profiles after a while.

    up close and personal with fighters would make me hot too!

    [not my list, actual checkboxes on the site…]

    gabi: that’s my point, i don’t want to. you i think got the cut in half version of the post that got fucked up by a table being screwy in the post. so yeah, not into the cock picture men.

    yeah, they have never once not been lying about their height UNLESS they claimed a height 6’3 or more, then they were telling the truth every time. i think the 20 pounds and the dick bit is totally true :)

    oh man, smegma. that was mean.

    remind me to show you the QL release point in your tummy.

    Comment by sassinak — November 23, 2006 @ 4:49 pm | Reply

  5. Personally, I’ve always loved online dating.

    Comment by trouble — November 27, 2006 @ 11:52 am | Reply

  6. LOL…this website is where my ex used to go when we were married to find hook-ups.

    Comment by trouble — November 27, 2006 @ 11:59 am | Reply

  7. trouble: well i’m well past three years of it without meeting anyone worth well… meeting. okay not fair, da-mute is a stellar man and not for me as is johnny canuck… but well i’m throwing in the towel.

    it was really fun for a while though…

    trouble two: heh. that’s why i’m not really willing to meet off that site. it’s like suuuuuure you’re single :)

    Comment by sassinak — November 27, 2006 @ 1:55 pm | Reply

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