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December 18, 2006


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so as you all know it’s kind of busy around the universe right now because christmas and hanukkah and solstice and so on are just around the corner. as you also know i’m laid up due to a bum ankle. what’s funny is that blogging wise the effect is the same.

it hurts to sit at my computer for any great length of time and i have so much work email and crap to deal with that blogging is slipping. the good news is that i really miss it so i’ll for sure be back after the holidays and after i can sit at my desk again.

rich readers are invited to donate oldish laptops i can install unix on and the problem will be solved forever.

anyway part of my homework is to stick my ankle in the air a lot so i’ve been watching the tube a lot more than usual. i’ve rented and seen all of season one of supernatural and season one, two and the first disc or two point five of battlestar galactica.

please don’t spoil me if you’re past the third episode of season two point five (about 12 in season two if you saw it on tv… please?) and oh my christ is this show ever good. seriously, even if you don’t like science fiction it’s worth watching.

just amazing, has me riveted to my seat, if i start a dvd i can’t turn it off and i’m even late for stuff because of it!

but see, i’ve ALSO been watching hockey.

a lot of hockey.


and i don’t usually watch that much hockey until after christmas because really, who the hell gives a shit about regular season hockey?

well yes, last year was an anomaly because there had been this year off thingy see? and this year i’ve seen at least ten games anyway so clearly my hockey love is growing.

anyway i saw most of the carolina/leafs game on friday and the relevant chunk of the leafs/islanders game and the entire wild/canucks game on saturday. that’s a lotta hockey.

and you know what i learned? [yes other than that my crush on mats sundin is alive and kicking]


and that a rout is hard to watch? [final score leafs/rangers? 9-2 leafs]

that this is a freaking amazing game.

two teams get on the ice that i do not give a shit about. i mean othercat and i were debating who to cheer for and decided minnessota cause well they’re closer and besides they’re honorary canadians.

you have to get how little we cared right?

and we watched the entire game riveted.

riveted because it was a contest between two well matched teams with terrible uniforms and good hockey. riveted because the final score was two one and no one stopped playing for a second.

riveted because above all else othercat and i are fans of HOCKEY.

heck i’m a leafs fan and he’s a habs fan and our teams can be playing against EACH OTHER and if his team scores a really awesome goal?

i’ll applaud.

and i do do.not.

and you know what else? if the leafs score an awesome goal?

he’ll applaud. and he feels about the leafs the way i feel about the habs. but see the hockey trumps it all.

there’s something inordinantly satisfying about that. that the appreciation for a thing outweighs the expectations of a thing. no that isn’t it. but there is something magical about enjoying something so much that you would rather see it done well than not at all.

which is why when your team is kicking ass and mine doesn’t show up i will be the first to say they didn’t deserve to win.

but if my boys show up to play?

i’ll cheer for them until there’s one second left on the clock no matter how badly you beat them.

it is of course easier if they’re winning of course, but i walked around in a leafs shirt during the playoffs and the sumer last year (they didn’t make the playoffs which is getting harder to do now that eight teams per half don’t) and people would diss me and make fun of me.

i was somehow a loser for continuing to care for a team that wasn’t doing well.

i preferred the man who looked at me and said ‘thank you, they need all the support they can get right now”

fucking right buddy.  dumping a team for having a bad year is like dumping a wife because she got a little cranky while she was pregnant.  okay that second one is way worse.

any idiot can cheer for a team that’s winning.

*giggle* which they are right now! nine to two over the rangers!

*happy little hockey dance*



  1. Oooooh yah baby! The hockey definitely trumps it all :D

    I’ll have to remember that you’re a leafs fan. You’re not as rare as you think. Sadly Edmonton doesn’t play the Leafs until February 17th ~ perhaps we should wager something!

    Putting your ankles up in the air as a physio exercise put a big grin on my face! And a naughty vision in my head. ;)

    I may have to check this Battlestar Galactica out. You’re one of many who is raving about the show. Is it very different from the old days. Cuz I still remember how cool it was to watch a viper launch and Starbuck was my hero!

    Happy Holidays and Healing


    Comment by pyrhonik — December 18, 2006 @ 3:14 am | Reply

  2. I cam ehere with all the intention of yelling at you to post. But you did and now there will be no yelling. Well maybe some to tell you I’ve missed seeing you around and stuff.


    Comment by Natalia — December 18, 2006 @ 10:24 am | Reply

  3. I always kinda liked hockey but not enough to watch it. Then again I find it so difficult to follow the puck and those weird computer lines zigzagging all about? Gives me a headegg.

    But I’m glad that ankle’s giving you some time to relax and also enjoy some of your favourite things. Just don’t jump off the couch to curse the ref and do yourself more harm than good!

    Comment by Jmai — December 18, 2006 @ 10:51 am | Reply

  4. the one thing i hate about cleveland is that there is no hockey team, therefore time warner fucktards has taken it upon themselves to never play any hockey games….unless there’s nothing else on, and in that case it’s on espn at like 3am.

    fuckers! i like my hockey.

    that ankle thing sounds interesting.

    Comment by da buttah — December 18, 2006 @ 1:12 pm | Reply

  5. You’re not the kind of person to drop someone because they’re down, wouldn’t love ya if you were. And since I do…you’re not. :)

    Comment by kathi — December 18, 2006 @ 2:06 pm | Reply

  6. Hockey just aint big here in Aus so I’ve never really watched it…but of course being an aussie, sports are as much a part of my life as breathing! We’ll cheer for anyone who is playing well….but we celebrate with style when we are kicking butt…..oh did you hear that we regained the ashes in cricket??? You could probably hear the screams from where you are!

    Comment by debambam — December 18, 2006 @ 7:07 pm | Reply

  7. Going to a real Hockey Game is on my to do list……..I really want to see it live

    Comment by Kristen — December 19, 2006 @ 8:00 pm | Reply

  8. Well ….everything was going so nicely ….but c’mon ….a Leaf’s fan? ….*sigh*

    Go Flames !!!!

    Comment by Spirit — December 22, 2006 @ 11:20 pm | Reply

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