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April 3, 2007

decisions decisions

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my name is sassinak and i’m a bit torrent a-holic.


yes, i know you’ve been wondering where i disappeared to if you’re one of the twelve people who still drops by here on occasion. not as many occasions as there once were and for that i apologise.

okay so yeah.

someone installed sound on my machine.  oh yeah, and then they said ‘that will probably play video too…’ and i said

‘yay i can get that episode of survivor i missed!’

what i didn’t say was

‘yay i can catch up on every show i was forced to drop due to timeslot wars in one day!’

heck, i’m downloading season two of supernatural right now.  i’m going to watch the last season of the oc this summer and i’m currently getting caught up on ER.

oh yeah, i’m a menace.  i’ve gone from zero to junkie faster than princess valium can hide the sims from me.  [don’t ask, me and the sims have some heroin problems] {relax, the sims is a video game}

so i check my blog and i see that i haven’t written a post in a year and i think ‘okay just one more episode of the wedding bells and then i’ll write a blog post’

yeah, i am here to tell you that that does not work.

so, my apologies, i’ll try to do better once i get caught up on a few things…


i have a dilemma and it’s a big one.

my friend shane is moving to vancouver *sob* and she is hoping to leave me a few of her clients.  at least one of these clients needs work that i don’t have the right machine for.

aka i have a reformer and she needs a cadillac.

i don’t really want a cadillac, it’s five grand and will take up my whole living room [okay i REALLY want one but i have reality] but i can get what’s called a wall unit and deal with almost everything this client would need that way.

this option is fifteen hundred canadian not including the specialised mat which renders the quote two grand.

now, i think i can swing that if i starve for another month or two but i can’t swing the mat bit.  the mat bit is okay because my dad can probably build me one for a hundred bucks.


easy right?  spend your cash [that you don’t have yet but it’s theoretically coming] and live at the creditors’ door for another millenium but get some new clients and equipment that you need instead of going back to paying rent at the studio.


buy the machine.

except… or but or wait or insert word that means you’re fucked here.

there is no air conditioning in this building.

i teach clients exercise and movement out of my home and it’s going to be a ‘scorcher’ according to the pundits.  now i don’t want to do pilates when it’s a million degrees out and neither does anyone else.

i don’t WANT any air conditioning but i need some and i may as well get a decent machine that will last a few years.  a new one that does the 800 BTUs that i apparently need is going to run me around six or eight hundred bucks. [yes i’ll shop used]


and may is going to be SUCH a lean month that paying my rent will be hard.  june should be okay but may?  may will kill me.

so you can’t say buy one now and the other later.  this is an either or.

i don’t get more money that will let me buy an a/c until mid june at the earliest and that’s a little late for buying machines that go up in price all summer.

so yeah, i don’t know what to do.

it’s *fun* being self-employed huh?


now, if you’ll excuse me, i have an episode of october road to watch…



  1. Well, I feel a lot better about my TV addiction now. Because I don’t have to look far to find someone worse off :)

    Don’t waste your time with ER. It’s cack. Substitute it with Rome. Trust me. Rome is fucking amazing, and since it’s an HBO show, it’s seasons are short. Plus there’s an endpoint because the series is over after 2 seasons and craploads of awards. It was just too expensive– but it’s worth the watch. The 2-season arc essentially tracks the rise and fall of Caesar and Augustus. Violence, intrigue, raunchy sex and liberal use of full frontal nudity. Download it now. And Nip/Tuck continues to be surreal, making it one helluva stoner show.

    I have successfully avoided the Sims despite it being in my house for over a week now. Because my colleague has been promoted, I am now doing the job of three people. This is stressful. On the bright side, at least I know what the hell I’m doing, unlike last year. To give you an idea of how busy/exhausted I am, I have been going to bed around 10:00 every night. This is huge for me. This is like the negaverse. Black is white, up is down. And I am old.

    Dude, my .02 on the Cadillac reformer– that’s a lot of expense for one client. Especially a client that’s not even yours and isn’t guaranteed to stay with you long enough to earn her keep. I totally grok the ambitious thing, but are you ready to give up your newfound financial freedom yet? Remember how shitty it is to starve? And how starving and stressed teachers are doing their clients a disservice and setting a bad example? Not that this is a foregone conclusion, of course, but without further information, I’m planted firmly in the ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ camp for the time being.

    PV says: Enjoy your first summer in your awesome new apartment, take your time adjusting to your good fortune (and it IS a stressful adjustment), work as you see fit and enjoy having total control over your life. With the air conditioner, of course. Remember when I applied for that promotion at work recently? And you said that although you have every faith in me, you think that I should take my time to adjust to the current gig before taking on more? And that although you’re supportive of me no matter what, you don’t think it’s the best idea for right now, though it is a given in the somewhat-near future? Right back atcha.

    Comment by Princess Valium — April 3, 2007 @ 7:17 pm | Reply

  2. can you start with some fans? until you can afford the air conditioning?

    you’d be surprised how effective several well-placed fans can be. (i speak from experience, as a former inland san diegan who did NOT HAVE AIR CONDITIONING, even in the dog days of summer…)

    Comment by terry — April 3, 2007 @ 9:18 pm | Reply

  3. p.s. i miss you!

    Comment by terry — April 3, 2007 @ 9:18 pm | Reply

  4. Oh…October road is great. I have it on as I work on my computer. Love it.

    Yaay for all the good news. Sorry your friend is leaving.

    And you know what? The other day I was thinking that I missed seeing your posts more often and missed seeing you in my comments section.

    But then it occurred to me that it seems you have so much going on and are happy about how life is going. So I felt really warm in the notion that you were out there living life and being happy.


    Comment by Natalia — April 4, 2007 @ 12:48 pm | Reply

  5. isn’t exercising with warm muscles better for a body? isn’t that what this Bikram yoga is all about? Bikram Pilates. :)

    Comment by gabi — April 4, 2007 @ 9:18 pm | Reply

  6. I was going to say what Gabi said, but without so much precision. But anyway yeah, won’t that heat be good? Or no?

    A possibility I suppose is that you could have the new client pay for sessions in advance by explaining to her that you need to buy special equipment to service her. If she likes your work and she knows she’s in it for the long haul, she might go for it… particularly if she knows that her sessions maybe will be had at a discount since she is helping you to help her. Maybe?

    Shows are getting better than they have been in years, I think (perhaps because I haven’t watched television in years, but also perhaps because it’s true) … enjoy yourself, suspend disbelief for a while. Have a ball in your new home with your new sound and video card and your strategically placed fans, as Terry says. -s-

    Comment by JMai — April 4, 2007 @ 10:09 pm | Reply

  7. PV: there is a reason i cancelled my cable way back when. least with bit torrent i can just do it when i feel like it. there’s no hurry to get caught up or whatever. i can’t help it with ER, i fell for john stamos and i’m in love with abby and luka… but yeah, i didn’t miss it when it wasn’t there. i’ll download Rome this summer :) oh i nearly forgot about nip/tuck since i had to drop it a couple of years ago due to timeslot wars.

    you go to bed at ten?

    wow. suddenly i feel better about going to bed at eleven and taking naps :)

    anyway regarding the wall unit, it turns out i have to BOLT IT TO THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i’m waiting for some thoughts from dad on that one. also shane pointed out that it’s dead crappy in the summer in this business so i may as well rent and buy a machine in the fall. i love when my smart friends agree, makes deciding MUCH easier.

    did i really say that? i think you say me better than i do ;>

    and thanks.

    terry: see above. a/c first :)

    i don’t like air conditioning but at my studio they run it about three degrees cooler than outside and much less humid. that’s sort of what i’m after but dehumidifiers cost a lot to run and well i don’t mind taking 40 down to 32 (er 104 to 89 and more than i would likely go actually)

    anyway i will definetely look into fans, but some sort of humidity solution is required or it’s just miserable in july.

    terry two: thanks! i miss you guys too but i’m slowly settling in and chilling down!

    Comment by sassinak — April 4, 2007 @ 11:10 pm | Reply

  8. nat: i’m enjoying it so far myself. i’m only on episode two though :)

    it’s true, there’s a lot of good news in this post, not the least of which is that i can afford to buy something. and i’m planning a trip in november to a conference (at fucking walt disney world, want to come by for a drink?) so life isn’t shitty :)

    shane will be missed but her effects will be long lasting.

    i miss most of the blogfamily right now but i’m on my way back maybe i hope. it’s hard because there’s so much to do and i’m tired (fighting some girly infections) but never fear, i may not be here as much but i’m here!

    it’s funny because that’s how i think when you’re off for a while. gee i miss nat, hope she’s having a blast at that conference she’s at or whatever .. it’s nice when you support your friends without smothering them huh? and thank you for that by the way.

    gabi: well there’s warm and warm. when you’re sliding off the machine before you even start i consider it a little much. but people do loosen up a lot in the summer…

    hee bikram pilates

    jmai: some of my folks are pretty fragile right?

    that’s a pretty interesting notion except somehow when clients know you need money you end up losing in the end somehow. i try to never appear to care if they pay me or not. er on time i mean. like ‘yeah next week is fine’ and then turn around and sort of go “urk” and just make it work.

    i don’t know why i just feel like hrm. good teachers aren’t broke. you know?

    i can’t believe how good tv is these days. since when is there MORE good tv on than i can watch?

    i mean since when? it’s been bad for soooo long after all.

    Comment by sassinak — April 4, 2007 @ 11:18 pm | Reply

  9. sass, old girl, kindly check your email. i sent you a picture of my sweet donkey wearing her new boots. i’m doing ‘donkey-lates’ with her to improve her core strength so her swayback will get better. honestly. she straightens up her spine, sucks up that gut and breathes out compressing her sternum towards her spine just like in those human Pilates classes you teach. she’s getting used to it. she’s figured out that it’s because i love her. she stands still and does her exercises. no walking away, no kicking or biting, which she never did with me anyway. other people? oh yeahh. if you want to show anyone else her sweet little face, it’s fine with me. :):):)

    Comment by gabi — April 8, 2007 @ 5:35 pm | Reply

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