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April 11, 2007


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wow i’m busy these days and i know that it’s fantastic to be this busy because it means that i’m working a lot and i have a lovely social life so yay me.  it also means i’m really tired because i keep burning the candle at both ends.

is it worth it?

mostly yeah until you get sick repeatedly from lack of sleep and then the sick makes you even more tired…

that said, things are looking up.

i’m booking enough hours in a week that once the cash catches up to the work i should be doing a lot better financially.  i’ve said this before though so it all depends if it continues.  hope so, i have a sunday class to quit.


my poor leafs.

what a year they had.  starting out with a new coach and a new attitude and then being plagued with injuries and bad luck and a crisis of confidence at the worst possible moments and yet still i’ve had more fun watching them this year than i have in a long time.

sure they didn’t make the playoffs but they sure did learn how to play like they were going to.

last year all we saw was dump and chase and hit which, while effective in the ‘old nhl,’ is utterly useless in the ‘new and totally unwatched in the usa nhl’ and terribly unfun to watch.  and that isn’t even mentioning the improved quality of the competition on the ice this year.

last year as we settled in to the new rules i saw some serious changes in the game of hockey but this year?  when the rules are a little more settled and we know what’s going on?

stellar stuff.


it’s unfortunate that the best hockey played in the last very long time is being played without benefit of a network in the usa.  hell they aren’t even on espn anymore they’ve dropped way down the dial to the outdoor life network.

course in 1978 nobody watched basketball so i ain’t predicting the future.

am i happy my leafs are out?

lord no, but i sure am happy with their direction.  i’m getting very tired of hearing about how the leafs need to ‘hire them some veterans and win a cup’ … um what?  isn’t that what they’ve BEEN doing?

how about building from within?  making a strong core of young up and coming players?  laying down a foundation?  how about what paul maurice is doing?

yeah how about that.

that’s what actually works, building a team until you have a team!


now about my boyfriend mats.

okay fine since nobody told him we’re dating i should just say ‘regarding the captain’



regarding the captain.

would you people please leave the man the hell alone?  so what if he’s swedish, he’s still a leaf through and through and has been since he was six.

this man, widely recognized as one of the best hockey players in the WORLD would rather retire a leaf than switch to a team with a chance of winning a stanley cup and what do we do?  do we respect him and honour him and tell him he’s awesome?

nope, we tell him to retire and that he isn’t a ‘real’ leaf since he isn’t a good canadian boy.

um what?

are you going to tell alexander ovechkin that when he’s the captain of his team?  “uh mr. ovechkin what do you say to people who tell you you aren’t a real hockey player because you’re not canadian?”

what the FUCK?

500 goals, first player to do that in a leaf uniform.

yup, he’s not a leaf.

fans are assholes.


hey mats?

can i fix your back extensors?


in other news, i have to go shopping for maid of honor (matron? i am divorced right…) dress, anyone care to help?




  1. Yaay for cash flow and booking loads of hours.

    And double yaay for a lovely social life.

    It sounds like karma is working its way back you. That’s indeed lovely and stellar and just awesome.

    Ugh wedding-related dresses and crap! Count me out for that one. I got married in a snakeskin top, black pants and snakeskin heels. Shush…animal stuff was in that year. :)


    Comment by Natalia — April 11, 2007 @ 8:51 am | Reply

  2. self employment = up down up down up down


    does it ever end?


    and it’s ALWAYS personal

    Comment by gabi — April 11, 2007 @ 6:22 pm | Reply

  3. You’re dating the captain of the leafs? Cool.

    Regarding your dress. Check out a store across the street from Honest Eds. Its called M… something begins with an M. Its random if you find a dress in your size or not, but they have a good selection of nice dresses at discount prices. I wish I could remember the name of the place. The service is great to. Hopefully they’re still in business. I haven’t been there for a few years.

    See you later today.

    Comment by clarity — April 12, 2007 @ 12:36 am | Reply

  4. what about the paperbag princess on davenport at bedford? it’s resale but quality. probably not cheeeep but cheeeeeeper.

    Comment by gabi — April 12, 2007 @ 6:22 am | Reply

  5. Glad for you.

    Comment by yeshua1964 — April 13, 2007 @ 7:35 am | Reply

  6. Well, I hope you don’t end up wearing some kind of silk stool sample. At least I haven’t fixed a date yet, so you don’t need to worry about outfitting yerself for two weddings this year.

    Comment by othercat — April 15, 2007 @ 11:01 pm | Reply

  7. Nice blog!

    Comment by Livette — April 16, 2007 @ 7:20 pm | Reply

  8. Hey man, depending on when your wedding(s) are, you can borrow MY effing maid of honour dress– wait a sec, I have TWO– but the second one is too big, although you’re welcome to alter it. There’s no need for two of us going through the misery and EXPENSE of buying some shiny gown we’ll never wear again. May as well share the wealth.

    Comment by Princess Valium — April 17, 2007 @ 7:06 am | Reply

  9. is that hockey stuff still going on?

    I’m counting the days till football (NCAA and NFL, not that soccer crap) starts up again!

    Comment by DZER — April 17, 2007 @ 7:08 am | Reply

  10. The Avalanche missed the playoffs as well, for like the first time since they were the Nordiques. I blame inconsistant goal-keeping. I mean, no one is going to replace Roy but they’re paying Budaj like a bajillion bucks just to be mediocre. Also I’m still a bit miffed that they let Tanguay go.

    I’m with DZER. I’m ready for some football.

    I was just thinking… does wearing a Leafs sweater during your wedding count for the “something blue”?

    Oh, and way to go with the business upswing. Glad to hear your recent move didn’t affect your clientele list. Way to go, Sass.

    Comment by john — April 18, 2007 @ 9:55 am | Reply

  11. oh man, i *meant* to answer these…

    okay here goes:
    nat: thanks babe, i’m not rich or anything but if the referrals continue at the slowly increasing rate that they have been life will just quietly get better slowly… i’m hoping to get a little bit ahead for a while.

    dude it’s for my sister’s wedding and i can pick the dress, seriously what’s not to like?

    gabi: oh frig tell me about it. and at least in the first few years it gets down more than it gets up.

    what’s always personal?

    clarity: that would be nice, i think there’s a ten percent chance that we might be each other’s types. and that’s surprising. :)

    thanks for the shopping advice!

    gabi two: hey good idea thanks!

    yeshua: thank you sir :)

    Comment by sassinak — April 18, 2007 @ 11:25 pm | Reply

  12. othercat: i don’t have to get a dress for you, i’m getting a tux… and i just might get one made and then wear it forever.

    best man does not wear a dress damm you.

    livette: that’s an original comment

    PV: thanks for the offer dude but i’m actually glad to shop for her wedding, i just had to find shopping company (which i have :)


    dzer: yes, yes it is.

    footie is a great sport but the nfl doesn’t do it for me… plus i like the cfl rules better.

    my real beef with american football is that 60 minutes takes three or four hours. sixty minutes in hockey takes about two and that’s with two short intermissions.

    john: *snicker*

    my sister would KEEEEEEEEEL me if i wore leafs shwag to her wedding!

    it’s nice to not be paying rent on a studio i only get to use when i’m paying 20 bucks an hour for it. at thirty or forty hours a month plus a fifty dollar machine fee i was always spending at least six hundred dollars in addition to regular rent. this is better :)

    i’ve lost at least one new client for doing it but i think it was worth it.

    Comment by sassinak — April 18, 2007 @ 11:31 pm | Reply

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