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May 8, 2007

sass dot ™

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my clients crack me up you know?

they actually say things like “please don’t be mad” or “don’t kill me” when they’re cencelling appointments… and i’m NEVER mad.

i think they’re actually asking their bodies for forgiveness because they know that pilates is so good for them and they feel guilty for not doing it.


i have been cleared to climb as my ankle wishes.

freaking physiotherapist, how does she know that i’ll be MORE restrained and not less if i’m left to my own devices?


i’ve been asked on a date but i can’t decide if i care to go…


speaking of dates, what’s up with these guys who chase you and then don’t want you?

i mean, true story here, i joined facebook a while back (sooo addictive) and this guy i used to work with sends me a friend request and then when i accept he asks me for beer to catch up. [not the same as the man asking me on a date by the way]

i say sure and after we dicker over dates he suggests a rather date-y place and i’m kinda surprised but go along and then a couple of days before he emails me and tells me that some family shit came up and can we do it next weekend. i answer with sure, here are my dates.

(this was thursday and we were supposed to meet on friday) so he emails me TODAY to say ‘oh sorry i’m away this weekend how’s next weekend if you’re still up for it?’

and you know what? i’m not.

if you can’t be fucked to check your schedule before you say things like ‘next week’ or say ‘except for the weekend i’m away’ and then you can’t be fucked to email me for FIVE days even though you were almost certainly at work all day thursday since that’s where you were at the time you blew me off in the first place?

i mean why the fuck bother?

i didn’t friend him, i didn’t email him, i didn’t ask him for beer, i didn’t get datelike about beer i just said ‘sure’ and discussed my availability.

you knew a week ago if you actually wanted to come out with me so why waste my time?


i’m aware that he never uttered the word date but i had shane vet the emails and she said it sure sounded datelike to her…

it was at least an evening with potential.


fortunately i immediately called my this week’s plans and said ‘hey my shit fell through’ and went out for a great dinner and chat that i think was actually better than that beer would have been.


i just watched the penultimate episode of gilmore girls and i’m totally despondent sort of.

it’s not the first show that i’ve watched from the first to the last episode (buffy [okay fine i started at episode four and caught the first three in reruns that summer], angel, one tree hill but i’m still about three episodes behind, many short lived series on fox, house so far although they almost lost me at the beginning of this season, bones but i did it on dvd and download and battlestar galactica was done the same way and um… that may be it not including things that are new this year.)

i know for sure that it won’t be the last show i do that with.

it’s just. it’s gilmore girls. it was smart and funny and even the worst episode was better than anything else on tv, moreso after buffy was gone, and i loved them. i love those girls.

hell, i cried a little when rory graduated too.

somehow, in a way that wasn’t true of other television, those women were my friends.

i’ll miss them… i hope the finale is worthy.


shane is moving to vancouver in less than a month.

i’m a going to miss her a lot.


how weird is it that first and second are playing in the west and first and third in the east? [hockey, conference finals, precursor to stanly cup games]

i’ve never seen the top seeds do so well, it’s always like eighth playing third or something not this.

yes, i know ottawa is fourth but the team that was third won their group not the points race.


what? i’m allowed to disagree with the nhl if i want to.

this automatic first through third seeding for the division leaders is lame and i know i’m not the only one who hates it because even sundin complained about it.


bye lorelei, i’ll miss you so.


my parents will be here in a month!


mmm cheese on toast!


lividviv will you be mad if i throw myself a birthday party the week after your wedding?

… hrm how to pay for it after a wedding

… note to self, rethink plan.


why is it that any post, no matter how meticulously checked, will have to be edited again after it’s posted?


night, i have to teach way too early.



  1. funny, i thought i was the only person who edited (several times) after posting!

    gilmore girls. you know, it’s really time to end it. it’s now just a sad shadow of its formerly brilliant self…so much so that i find it really hard to watch now. it hurts.

    however, i’ll still miss lorelai. and luke. ohhh, luke.

    Comment by terry — May 9, 2007 @ 1:18 am | Reply

  2. GO WINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Jim McKee — May 9, 2007 @ 9:02 am | Reply

  3. I agree with Terry that it’s time for Gilmore Girls to go. It was brilliant. Now it’s predictable and formulaic. But I still watch. And part of me can’t believe it’s the end. And I love Logan. I can’t believe he is gone. Whatever…it’s just characters.

    And do I ever feel you on guys chasing you and then dropping the ball. At least I am doing it online, which saves me some time and aggravation. But still…get your shit together male species.


    Comment by Natalia — May 9, 2007 @ 9:17 am | Reply

  4. terry: i know that when lividviv was posting that she claimed to ‘edit all the time’ so i guess not…

    i thought that the second half of last season and the first half of this season were awful, i could beat ASP for leaving the show in such a mess when she left but i thought that in the latter part of this season the show got a lot of it’s wit back…

    and you know, it’s okay that it’s ending but they didn’t do it with respect, they should have known it was ending so they could write it that way instead of deciding on monday. that’s all. i was hoping for a short season next year just to tie it up.

    sabres jim, it’s the sabres we’re cheering for.

    nat: hey i think it’s done too i just think they should have finished it with more respect. i really liked the idea of a mini-series or half season just to sort of finish it up. hopefully the finale will manage it…

    i love logan but i felt like that got tied up way too neatly and conveniently. i’m mad they have to rush it you know? it took two thirds of the season just to fix the mess fucking amy sherman fucking palladino left behind her.

    and yes, i know it’s just tv but still? i miss the luke already.

    and yes, men suck for dating but do make great friends, i’ve stopped online dating and stopped crushing and stopped even really putting myself out there… can’t take it anymore.

    doesn’t help that one of my ‘nice men’ that i stuck in my hope chest turns out to be a major asshole.

    Comment by sassinak — May 9, 2007 @ 10:11 am | Reply

  5. No… I live in the Detroit area… I want the Red Wings to win it all!!!

    And while we’re on the subject of men and women… why are women so stuck on certain “types”, when they’re the first to say “looks don’t matter”? In theory, it should be easy for me to find dates… I’m decent-looking (although heavy-set), non-smoker, non-drug-user, social drinker, kind, funny (or is that “kinda funny”? anyway…), quasi-intelligent but not stuck-up about it, affectionate, I do OK at karaoke, and I prefer big girls (yes, I said it, bite me if you don’t like it, LOL). But… I get shot down any which way I turn… (“sorry, I don’t think we’re a good match”)… I am very conscious of the concept of “out of my league” and take that into account… but still, either the gals I’m interested in are not interested in me, or vice versa.

    Sorry to rant, let me step off of the soapbox now, LOL

    Comment by Jim McKee — May 11, 2007 @ 2:56 pm | Reply

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