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July 11, 2007

la la lalalala la la la lala

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that’s the smurfs theme by the way, in case anyone wants to sing along at home.


so, we went, we got lost, we bought a cadillac.

a mint green, stainless steel and wood cadillac to be exact. a beautiful, happy in it’s new home since it’s getting used at last machine that will serve my clients and i well for years to come.

a cadillac that we dragged up elevator and down, through customs and washington [trust me, washington was harder to navigate] and made mine with a touch of my father’s blood while we put it back together in my living room.

a cadillac that my cats have appropriated instantly such that any photos of it that i take have a mouse or a harriet on them. speaking of mouse and harriet…


how cute are they? yes that’s my reformer’s edge beside them and yes this is very early in the moving in process…

anyway, life seems to be moving along pretty well here at casa sass.

beautiful men (and i don’t mean looks but some of them are also hot) are appearing in my life in the funniest ways, they walk into my class or smile at me at the climbing gym (and i miss it of course) or i catch them staring when i’m walking down the street and so on.

it seems that some recent events in my life, which effectively involved removing a millstone from around my neck, have allowed my ‘inner glow’ to reappear.

the kind of inner glow that has total strangers, women not trying to pick me up, stopping me in the street to compliment my dress and my beautiful hourglass figure.

the kind that has every man in a room staring at me when i enter it.

the kind that has my clients saying ‘you look like a shadow has lifted from your face somehow. and no, it isn’t just the tan, i’ve had that for weeks.

i feel like i’m dancing on a cloud every single day and with the miniscule exception of some unhappy people attacking me because they’ve decided that i’m attacking them? (which i wasn’t) my life rocks!

it rocks!

i’m teaching enough to eat and pay off my credit card at last. the credit card that has sat, at it’s limit, for the last four years. the credit card which, when paid off, may allow me to max it out again in exchange for a trip to see my parents!

an actual trip to ITALY!! woo hoo!

are you getting this? that means i might get, four years since i started my business, i might get a VACATION!

more than three and a half days off in a ROW! [which i get about five times a year all together… and that counts the two day weekends too]

oh god, i think i might have to just die of happiness right now.

yes yes, i know i’m counting my chickens before they hatch. i know i have a trip to orlando to pay for in november that might preclude actual italian food on new year’s eve and i still don’t care you know why?

i’m finally working ENOUGH!

man… i didn’t know how much weight i was carrying around until that anchor fell off my neck and shattered on the road behind me.



  1. We need to talk. I wanted to get to the class this a.m. It’s always amazing what I find broken in the a.m. that wasn’t broken when I left work the evening before…… Klutzy cleaners anyone? Nothing quite like trouble shooting before I’m fully awake.

    I won’t be there on Friday either. Things are busy. Lots of changes. Just like you. Trying to not think about ‘the other shoe’. :)

    Comment by gabi — July 11, 2007 @ 9:08 pm | Reply

  2. I want what you have. It’s great to hear stories like this. Good luck, and keep it going!


    Comment by balloon pirate — July 12, 2007 @ 4:03 pm | Reply

  3. gabi: okay do you have my phone number? it’s in the book with my last name and first initial.

    oh yeah trouble shooting on not enough sleep is way harder than doing it when you’re awake.

    are the changes good or bad or indifferent or just changes? mine are more good than bad anyway. that other shoe is killer i hear that!

    pirate: well i’ll tell you guys a story about how i learned to smile in shitty times if i remember :)

    thank you sir, i’m glad that i can cheer up someone else. it’s been four years of hard ass work and finally, finally i’m reaping some benefits.

    yeharr! *giggle*

    Comment by sassinak — July 12, 2007 @ 10:40 pm | Reply

  4. oh, it makes me happy to hear you’re so happy.

    funny how we’re taught not to enjoy our successes, because they might disappear or some shit like that.

    so i’m glad you’re enjoying yours. keep it up.

    Comment by terry — July 13, 2007 @ 12:52 am | Reply

  5. For inebriated fun with friends, alternate singing the Smurfs theme song with the “na na nana na nas” from the J. Geils Band’s Angel is a Centerfold. Trust me, it isn’t as easy as it sounds…

    Given the color of your new cadillac, is it fair to say that you got it in “mint condition”? :-)

    I happy for you that everything is taking off and that the universe is being good to you. I hope everything keeps going smurfily. Oh, and when you get over to Italy can you bring me back some cannoli? Thanks.

    Comment by John — July 13, 2007 @ 9:45 am | Reply

  6. terry: oh i have a ginormous sense of the other shoe dropping but my life has been sucking for a very long time and i’m going to enjoy this little moment of making hay while the sun is shining.

    it is funny because life is a wheel with good and bad times and you need to enjoy the good times to get through the bad.

    thanks babe!

    john: oh god that sounds impossible even while sober!

    actually it is and i hadn’t even made the associated terrible pun in my head yet!

    mmm cannoli… you know i’ve only ever had those in toronto?

    and yeah it’s nice to have a smurfy good time because it’s making up nicely for the mud getting slung at me … hard to stay upset when life is coming up roses!

    Comment by sassinak — July 14, 2007 @ 11:24 pm | Reply

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