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July 26, 2007

fasting diary

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day one

weight: 182lbs

go out for breakfast with goddess and discuss life and love and having babies by yourself. treasure each bite of food since you know that’s all she wrote for ten days.

clean house and try to hire new maid

make lemon drink and get lemon seeds everywhere

take self out for reward pedicure

remember how strangely satisfying drink is.


day two:

weight: 180lbs

forget how long drink takes to prepare in morning and show up five minutes late for first client. note mild headache and add more water to life.


day three:

weight: 179lbs

go climbing for the second time in two days and then sleep like a baby

note need for further rest.


day four:


start settling in to this fast thing and note disappearance of headache and general feeling of well being


day five

weight 178lbs

wake up feeling great and full of energy. laugh at absurdity of weight scale. get grumpy with man at laptop store who is utterly incompetent. revel in accidental afternoon off.

shop for stuff and end up in local bar drinking tea and flirting with nice men from seattle. find out too late who the most interesting one is. wonder why so many men i’m into are american.

getting food cravings pretty fiercely, considering stopping fast monday rather than wednesday if they don’t subsist.


day six

weight: 176lbs

get ass kicked by pilates teacher

beg off from attending wedding celebration/potluck bbq of friends because driving an hour each way seems homicidal in state of strange blissed outness am in [like crashing the car homicidal]. spend afternoon reading eat, pray, love instead. note how funnily appropriate it is to read while fasting.

attend croquet party and cry over all the beautiful food you can only smell but enjoy client’s awesome friends and be glad you went.


day seven

weight: 175lbs

note that there are easier ways to lose weight.

teach last sunday class ever unless being nice substitute like person, note feeling of absurd well-being and peace and go climbing.

send problem was working on, hang with af and head to the farm for the night to see the fandamily.

learn something incredibly disappointing about someone and laugh hysterically when driving by inglis sign on way to farm and quote of day is “remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a stroke of luck”


day eight

weight: 176 on scale that isn’t yours

sleep until noon at farm and wake feeling totally refreshed. still filled with peace and joy and quiet contentment. wonder why eyes aren’t god touched while completely failing to notice god touched soul.

several clients have ‘eureka’ moments in classes with self.

boulder a little at gym, smile at cute boy but notice that he isn’t as into you as you thought he might be darnit.


day nine

weight: 172lbs

teach lovely classes all day and climb some with af. make jokes about being the meat in that sandwich about two gorgeous men at gym.  climb 5.10PLUS!!!!

note that body will NEVER willingly drink this foul concoction again and wonder how bore it for last nine goddamm days.

next year? different cleanse!


day ten

weight: 170lbs

shop for vegetables to make soup to break fast with after breaking fast with OJ. stunned at how mouth salivates at thoughts of such simple foods. wish day ten would END ALREADY as so tired of lemon drink.

really grooving on feeling of fast

meet nice man who lets you get veggies out of his garden for soup… invite him to bday shindig and hope he shows (with his lovely gf shut up.)


day eleven

weight: 171lbs (laugh at scale again)

wake up and make ORANGE JUICE!!!!

note that TWO solid hours after making glass of 4oz of OJ and 4oz of water am still drinking same drink. be amazed how hard it is to add calories to life again. really feel fantastic and happy to have done fast.

have nap

make homemade organic vegetable soup for first meal.

pack for hillside

eat fucking awesome soup

take off to festival!!! [please note these are different posts]



  1. Ummm why the fasting?


    Comment by Natalia — July 26, 2007 @ 9:57 pm | Reply

  2. a pound a day–great work. What is this lemon drink of which you write?


    Comment by balloon pirate — July 27, 2007 @ 7:25 am | Reply

  3. i’m amazed that you’ve been able to do this fast more than once…!

    Comment by terry — August 1, 2007 @ 12:25 am | Reply

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