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August 15, 2007


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hello, my name is sassinak and i’m older now.  one year closer to that whole biological clock time bomb of bullshitness and one year further away from that whole crippling self esteem time bomb of bullshitness that was school.

funnily enough i’m in a fantastic mood considering how the first paragraph of this post turned out.

my shindig was awesome, surreal of course but totally awesome.  i got a few lovely presents and several bottles of wine and the food was great and many chips arrived and it all just went really well.

the last man standing was tommer and the last woman standing was princess valium and othercat and af didn’t make it quite that long and boy was i ever glad to pass out at six in the morning!  it was incredibly different from my last party because fewer people showed up (like thirty instead of fifty) and people were more willing to hang out in the bedroom so we ended up with much more fluid groups and longer conversations.

some clients showed up and one boss and a bunch of friends and some people i’ve never met and some people i used to live with and all in all it was so lovely to see everyone and man did i get trashed.  it was a much easier party to throw than the last one because i did a LOT less work and you know what?  next time i’m doing less again!

i still have a ton of leftover (awesome! and kind of planned for) food [macaroni and potato and veggie salads and a lot of fruit and a little cheese.. just enough cheese… mmm cheeeeeeese and chips] and beer and so i think that next time i’ll get less beer and make a touch less food.  not much because the leftovers will feed me all week and it’s all stuff i love.

i mean it was my birthday after all, that food was for me!

well okay and the thirty some people who showed up to party with me *grin*

i think my favourite thing i did for this one was the bowl of chocolate candies i got.  anything that was 3-8 for a buck at the chocolate store i bought some of and filled a bowl with wonderful things.  earl gray and cardamom and ginger and mint and regular flavoured dark chocolate, reeses  cups and hersheys bits and pistachio nougat (no worries e, i’ll get more nougat next time!) and multiple flavours of bonbon and and… it was a twenty dollar chocolate bowl and worth EVERY CENT!!!


my life is getting more surreal…

more later


my sister got married y’all!

it was awesome!


why is it that for my birthday the government hands me a bill and makes me deal with bureaucracy?

that’s just so unfair!

but at least i no longer owe on a single parking ticket.


the combination of pms and my annual pre birthday malaise (always forgotten about the time i start to celebrate…) was really deadly this year.  deadly enough that i’m making more of an effort to take my cod liver oil and my calcium.  two things everyone should know about cod liver oil, it will help fix your dry skin issues and if it smells bad it is bad and you need to go get some fresh.  oh three, the capsules are easy to take.

i started taking cod liver oil because shane was talking about how it helped with the rashes she got in the winter from lack of vitamin D,  she’s from bermuda you see and is used to a lot more sun than we get here.  anyway MY skin always gets killingly itchy in the winter so this year i started taking cod liver oil and bam!  all better.

nice since i’m allergic to moisturizer.


my fresh ankle sprain was only a class one and i can climb on it, untaped, in a week.  so i’m happy about that.

my old class seven hundred ankle sprain is still cranky but it is improving and i can climb on it, taped, in about a week.  it turns out to still be cranky from hillside.  not to mention that one of the muscles in my foot has gotten a little atrophied from all this not walking right and non-functional ankle and my big toe is starting to do that terrifying sideways move of death toward my second toe and i do NOT want bunions.  so now i have to fix my foot again.

this is better than the alternative like you guys have no idea.  that foot and the way i landed the other day?  my little class one sprain?  should have been a crunch that left my ankle in a cast.  wasn’t.  wasn’t because i’m too flexible and my bones are strong as hell.  wasn’t and instead i got a nasty little bruise and a limp for a week.

so yeah, feed your kids milk when they’re kids.

right, more calcium, note to self… eat more yoghurt.


life is good y’all.  i love most of my clients and my rent is paid as soon as i pick up a couple of paycheques and i think i can even buy my ticket to the pma conference this month and it’s a SLOW MONTH!

*does quick check at and notes prices are stable*  *tries to remember to email nat about sunday night…*

i know!  my life rocks!




  1. Incredibly enough, I made it to the party. Incredibly enough, I was so tired (and I even napped for two hours before I showed up) that after a short while I was speechless. Oh well.

    Also, ahem, someone SOMEONE cut the nose off the Brie………

    Um, so, what was in the bedroom?

    Glad you partied your brains out. I’m not a party pooper, I was just pooped. Weirdage: I came home and fell immediately asleep. (she shakes her head uncomprehendingly. I’m wondering if I’m becoming diabetic or something.)

    Comment by gabi — August 15, 2007 @ 8:00 pm | Reply

  2. Sounds like a blast! Sorry I missed it!

    Drop by or call any time if you want to get together.

    Comment by clarity — August 16, 2007 @ 12:50 am | Reply

  3. Yaay! :) *snoopydance of sass in orlando*

    Comment by Natalia — August 16, 2007 @ 9:57 am | Reply

  4. yes your life does rock and thanks for talking about the cod liver oil cuz my son has rashes and he too is allergic to moisturizer and perfumes and stuff like that so the cod liver thing sounds good happy happy happy birthday to you and for no reason i have decided to go all lower case and no punctuation hey be glad i am using the space bar yeharr

    Comment by balloon pirate — August 16, 2007 @ 3:36 pm | Reply

  5. i want to go to orlando now to hang with you and nat!

    i’m so glad you had such a great party.

    happy climbing…

    Comment by terry — August 17, 2007 @ 7:20 pm | Reply

  6. hey … happy belated! sounds like you had a blast, and you certainly deserved it! :)

    Comment by DZER — August 21, 2007 @ 4:29 am | Reply

  7. Hey Sasseroonie, listen up: you just gotta read ‘The Brain that Changes Itself’ by Norman Doidge M.D. He’s a shrink and a psychologist here in T.O. You gotta read this book. I cannot emphasize this too strongly. Published by Viking, Book City price (hardcover) 27.90. You can use it as a business expense because of its relevence to what you are doing.

    Comment by gabi — August 21, 2007 @ 10:28 pm | Reply

  8. gabi: is it bad to cut the nost off the brie?

    a bed? people talking…?

    dude i got hella partied and it was great… i think i’m getting the hang of this house gathering thing and i think i’ve been shanghaied to do new year’s… (if you’re wondering that? go to the DOCTOR!)

    clarity: i’m sorry too. summer is chaos for me but i get a little better once i stop camping…

    nat: yay! *mutual happydances or orlando goodness*

    pirate: oh dude i’m SO glad i mentioned it because it REALLY helped me a lot. for the record? i use punctuation *g*

    terry: well i don’t mind but i’ll be at a conference all weekend. maybe we can find one in frisco…


    dzer: i did i did i did… it was great!

    gabi: funny that’s a change of the sassinak nick that i actually like! not so much with the ‘sassy’

    i gotta read this huh? okay i’ll try to remember to get it… and i have a gift cert for there…

    Comment by sassinak — August 22, 2007 @ 11:17 am | Reply

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