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August 30, 2007

leofest 2007!


alternate title of this post: ok nat, this is for you!


as y’all know i went camping in keady last weekend, as y’all that have been around any length of time know i’m allergic to posting pics. however miss cherub quite loves taking them and well, some of these are either awesome or hilarious :)

a lot of people were there that are not in these pics but i don’t have permission to post pictures of them. :)


does this count as an hnt post?


cherub during photo shoot in the corn!



cherub and pm and i goofing around during ‘photo shoot in the corn’

lol seriously only cherub could come up with photo shoot in the corn and have it be fun…

anyway here the three of us are…



this is me vamping it up (please note gorgeous new present shirt from flower:



only cherub could make this look hot:



i wanted a piece of broccoli, i didn’t expect the whole stalk…



it was delicious though…:



pm being silly:



if cherub and i ever put out an album:



look at that moon!



mmm cougar!



this is othercat against a skyline… pretty huh? miss cherub was having a good night with her camera…






fire cherub:



fire sass:



othercat and cherub :)


morning after othercat…



morning after pm and i… with tongue…



okay seriously how hilarious is that picture???


me in the morning AFTER coffee… but before food



same morning…




and my favouritest one of the whole weekend…



in other news i kind of screwed up my long weekend. i was supposed to go to the farm with othercat to hang with the fandamily but you know, i was going early friday so i figured hey what the fuck and i said yes when a client asked for a monday afternoon private. why not right? then i can do something in town and pass out nice and easy.

then my mother called. my parents forgot they have show tickets for friday night and now we can’t get to the farm until saturday afternoon!

wait! wait! what happened to my long weekend?

s’all right though, can go climbing with cherub and help her paint her new place on friday night (seriously i volunteered for this?) and the drive up saturday afternoon will be a lot mellower.


get this! i have 20 hours booked already the week after next. september is supposed to be dead and even with two clients away i’m still working enough two weeks from now. it’s so weird to have things booked this far in advance. you know i have a client now who has booked in through christmas? i mean wow. things are really starting to hop in this little business of mine and it sure feels nice.

it built itself at the speed i could handle and continues to do so, i wonder where it’s taking me… i have clients already asking for audio and video cds and i find i might just make them some…

i spent the rent last month on plane tickets and parking tickets and car renewals and more stuff for the studio and a few other things and you know what’s really amazing about that? even with all that unexpected spending i’m well into paying october’s rent now. how cool is that???


yes i do feel like i lost a hundred pounds since that whole working more thing started, how did you know?


FOUR leos showed up in total… nice but not our record…



  1. The awesomeness continues! It’s inspiring for me.

    Great pics, too, except the OC morning after one. Cross your legs, dude!

    Don’t talk to me about long weekends. This weekend, I’m shooting for a documentary about a camp in the Adirondacks. I get to take my kids along! And then, since it’s work-related, I get two days off! Woot!


    Comment by balloon pirate — August 30, 2007 @ 10:24 am | Reply

  2. Um that favourite one….amazing. I want one like that of me.


    Comment by Natalia — August 30, 2007 @ 10:54 am | Reply

  3. Not a bad showing of Leo’s during the sign of Virgo.

    Everyone can remain calm. The shorts have a liner, and my junk wasn’t in any danger of falling into my omelette.

    Comment by othercat — August 30, 2007 @ 1:14 pm | Reply

  4. Good pics… except the one of the moon didn’t appear to have, like, a moon in it.

    Then again I’m all hepped up on goofballs, so who knows, I could be missing the subtle (or not-so-subtle) things.

    Comment by Princess Valium — August 30, 2007 @ 6:02 pm | Reply

  5. Why do you say that September is supposed to be dead? Where’d you get that from?

    See ya. Maybe. I’ll be at the gym in the a.m. but maybe you don’t be.

    Comment by gabi — August 30, 2007 @ 9:54 pm | Reply

  6. pirate: it’s funny because i find it both strange and wonderful that i’m inspirational for people. anyway i’m glad. and as for oc morning after we all thought it was really cute and evocative of little kid othercat.

    well, isn’t that like a paid weekend followed by a paid weekend? or will the adirondacks bit suck?

    nat: me too. :) it was so totally random too how i took it.

    othercat: it’s true. there was even a virgo who was having an actual birthday!

    ew junk omelette! cheese and tomato and bacon is BETTER!

    PV: i swear it does, i think it’s a resolution thing, i’ll upload the real photo in a minute and you can click and see it…

    mmm goofballs!

    gabi: it’s been dead every year since i started?

    why wouldn’t i be at work in the morning?

    Comment by sassinak — August 30, 2007 @ 11:11 pm | Reply

  7. those are wonderful pics! i like your fave, too — gorgeous.

    and you do vamp very well.

    Comment by terry — August 31, 2007 @ 12:52 am | Reply

  8. Nice to see you, oh ‘vanishing afterclass one’. Um, since you had a sub for, maybe the friday before the august long week-end, I thought maybe you’d get a sub today. There was just something in your blog that suggested the possibility but I’m not re-reading to find it. If I am wrong, then I will bow to your superior knowledge of your own schedule. And clearly I was wrong.

    One thing you will learn as you keep going on as a self employed business person is that one year or even several years are not predicators of what will happen this year. The economy and the demographics of your clients have a lot more to do with how busy you are and when.

    You’ve got to make sure you have a cross section of age groups as clients. (Easier said than done, of course. It depends on the doctors who are refering people to you, to some extent.) You don’t want 100% or 80% parents because then your business will dive during those times when parents are taking kids someplace or other. (Can parents afford Pilates?) You don’t want a huge percentage of oldsters because they, cough, die or go to old age homes. Sorry, ahem, ‘retirement residences’. What you strive for is a lively mix of all types so that there is no seasonal slump. With all the boomers going bonkers over the fact that they are aging, their joints are creaking, their soft parts are sagging and their teeth are turning brown, you’ve got a pretty good client base out of this group. The oldest ones are close to retirement but they still want to hike Kilimanjaro. The slightly younger ones are either anticipating freedom from children or getting in vitro fertilization. The even younger ones have kids of varying ages. And the younger than boomers, well, some of them are well off enough and smart enough to realize that pilates will make them a new body.

    Next week I’ve got to take one of my cats to the vet. Do you think I can take her to class? (NO!!) Her appointment is 11 a.m. ( I said “NO!”) I don’t know how unhappy she will be in my office while I’m at class. (“Too bad!”) Maybe I’ll find a cat sitter for her while I contract my abs. (“Do that.”)

    See ya.

    Comment by gabi — August 31, 2007 @ 3:36 pm | Reply

  9. … you kind of look like Chantal Kreviazuk in that last picture. very cute.

    Comment by sweet l'il gal — September 1, 2007 @ 2:01 pm | Reply

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