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November 7, 2007

new suits… old suits

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nat! i forgot to email you that i lived through my trip home!


nat is, incidentally, totally awesome… we got pedicures… pics coming…


there is something so odd about going on vacation… well if you can call a mediocre conference held in an amusement park a vacation…

i really can’t comprehend why they bothered to take us to disneyworld in florida and then stick us in air conditioned rooms all day. the weather this weekend was spectacular and all i could do was look at it yearningly as i went from class to class.

not to mention the overinflated room prices. if we can’t go outside anyway why aren’t we somewhere like maine in the off season rather than at disney?

the scheduling was retarded and the workshops were well… a mixed bag really.

some of them were amazing and most of them were uninteresting or so junior as to be not worth taking and there is NO WAY that a teacher with a measly four years of experience should be bored at a conference of her peers.

heck no, i should be scrambling to keep up.

in some ways it was at least gratifying, i’ve clearly left the ranks of beginner teachers and am firmly ensconced in the grad school class but it felt like a waste of money.

not entirely a waste because anytime you get to take a workshop from an eighty seven year old lady who is one of two people joe pilates ever certified?

you should do it.

but it would have cost less to fly to her town and take privates so that was kind of a wash.

anyway i learned a few things and got to hang with some people but i think next time i’ll just go to the same place and hang out. i think that i would get as much out of it. in fact i’m going to write a letter to complain (my teacher even suggested that i add ‘in fact my teacher won’t attend for the same reason.)

the workshops were, by and large, aimed at first year teachers… i see now why my teacher won’t go… i certainly won’t waste my money again, pilates on tour is FAR more of a value for money deal and the workshops are in a completely superior league.

anyway that isn’t the point really.

the point is that something happens to me when i go on vacation.

i come home from being away to find that my life fits me like an old suit that’s been in my closet unworn for a while. the shoulders are snugger than i remember and the waist seems roomier (or not!) and maybe it’s harder to sit in than i rightly recall.

it’s like my edges expand when i’m away from my comfortable little niche and it takes a while to make them fit back together.

this is even stranger since i have a boyfriend now and that adds another layer to the suit that i must needs put back on.

the only thing that’s never hard to come back to is my car… me and that car have been on vacation together after all (hi castu and crtx and lsd and and and!) so we’re used to being together through all moods but the rest of my life?

my crazy schedule and the beautiful man that i’m dating and even my climbing habit all feel just a little funny. almost like they belong to someone else that i’m not quite.

never fear, in a week the edges will be filed back down and my shoulders will have gotten used to the fit of the suit and i won’t even remember this feeling…

until my next vacation.


  1. I’ll vouch for it. That car rocks. Great accustics for sing-a-longs. I think it took me to one of the best camping trips of my life.

    Comment by Adam Eating — November 8, 2007 @ 3:59 pm | Reply

  2. i know what you mean. i have a pretty nice life, yet when i’m on vacation, i kinda don’t want to come home to it. and it takes awhile to re-adjust. weird.

    Comment by terry — November 9, 2007 @ 2:09 am | Reply

  3. Umm yeah I know you didn’t but the the post helps me figure that one out. :)

    I am so happy you made it down.

    I need a vacation and Toronto sounds like a place to revisit.


    Comment by Natalia — November 14, 2007 @ 10:47 am | Reply

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