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February 13, 2009

25 random details i posted on facebook

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1. i can’t stop buying books; this was okay until i developed the
accompanying shoe fetish.

2. i am madly in love with my two cats: harriet and mouse. i am still
madly in love with their predecessors (athena and sappho) but it’s a
more mature and faded kind of love.

3. i am terrified of having a kid by myself… but far more terrified
of not doing it at all

4. i think a lot of these memes are lame but this one has been awesome
so far and i’ve really enjoyed reading them all.  i will, however,
fail to tag at least one person back.  furthermore, i think it’s possible i may have been tagged 25 times already on this one

5. i like myself a lot more since i started paying more attention to personal grooming

6. i really, really, really love my job; i just wish it had benefits
and steady pay

7. working in my living room is the best thing ever… and it sucks
because my space doesn’t belong to me alone

8. i’m trying to cook at home more but it’s really hard when good,
cheap, made by others food is *right* there

9. i love blogging but i’m doing it less often

10. i would like my next boyfriend to have a hot car/motorcycle… and
let me drive it

11. recently i bought a floor length skirt made of fleece. of course
i can now wear almost nothing else.

12. i try really hard to be the best person i can be but i still catch
myself thinking the nasty thoughts more often than i care to admit.

13. life really is what you make it. i know this and still i sit back
and miss so much of it…

14. i tried out for the canadian national swim team. it was,
unfortunately, one of the lousiest races i ever swam. ah well, i was
particularly young for my age at the time.

15. recently i was forced to toss my antique car (93) due to excessive
rust. said car corners like it’s on rails and got over 14km/L on the
highway (around 33+mpg) last summer. unfortunately the body is
totally rotten. so i have a new car BUT the guy who was supposed to
buy my old car for parts kinda bailed and i can’t seem to make myself
write the auto trader/craigslist ad.

even though i have a new car i can’t throw out my old one. it’s sad.
i’m sad, i expected it to last 2-5 more years.

16. someone kissed me recently.

17. i love my family more than anything… and they’re the hardest
people to be around sometimes. funny how that works isn’t it? the
more you love something the more it can get to you too. ah buttons.
ah family. ah loved ones. can’t live without them though, life
wouldn’t be worth living.

18. people in my family have no idea how often they are quoted by me
when i am asked for advice. it goes like “well, i have no experience
with this but my father/sister/mother/best friend/etc says: …”

19. i got played. i got played perfectly and i’m not even upset about it.

20. i want to buy a small but tall house that is within five minutes
of a downtown subway and then i want to put my studio in it.

21. i have a hard time saying no to people that i love. this is okay
except for when it breeds resentment. what’s not okay is the ones who
push me after i say no. saying no was hard, telling you to fuck off
for pushing? not so hard.

22. mostly i’m a shapeshifter. this is great except for dating where
it’s a problem. sooner or later real me reasserts herself. problem
with being a shapeshifter is that you often don’t realize that you’ve
done it until your real shape begins to reappear.

23. i eat carbs when i’m sad or depressed… and then it takes longer to recover because i also feel physically messed up by all the comfort carbs.

24. this (things i know to be true) is the best thing that i ever wrote… maybe :)

this (sticky fingers) is the followup
this (spark) is almost as good, or better

24a. i really want you to go read “things i know to be true” and maybe hang it on your fridge!

25. i was married once.


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