snapshots of an idle mind

April 14, 2010


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i haven’t been *here* in a while.

if you have me on RSS you might know that i’m posting again.  if you love me you’ll find this eventually.  if you hate me and use my blog for ammo?  i’m hoping you’ve left.

i haven’t felt like saying a word to the internet for months.  at least not from my own pulpit.

i’ve been exploring and wandering and dating and making friends and hanging out on blogs and using facebook a lot (ack!) but here i have not been.  several loved folks have bitched at me, snide remarks have been made – and felt; but still the urge to write it did not visit.

lately, lately i’ve been having ideas again.  not a lot but a few…

and it feels kind of like watching a plant grow in the spring.  you want to help it and clear away the things hampering it but if you do it too soon the frost will sneak in and kill it  and you might just pull out healthy wanted plant while you’re at it!

so i’ve been letting it slide.  letting the ideas melt into other ideas and feel the pool filling up again.  interestingly, i never really stopped having ideas to write about, it’s more that i stopped caring to write them.

don’t worry, the ‘other’ blog got a little ignored as well  :)

anyway, it’s spring… maybe there might be some plants stirring in my writer’s soul


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