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July 13, 2011


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yesterday i referred someone to a post on this blog… it was an old post but somehow seemed better than making similar comments from my current perspective.  i’d probably say that about “spark” or “things i know to be true” as well…

anyway it took me a minute to find it and i forgot to close the tab (to anyone who has seen my browser window this is not news) and then today i came upon this old home and i started to read the front page.   read back far enough to see a photo of my niece and have tears brought to my eyes…

read enough to realize that the woman who wrote this blog had some real talent with words… but needed to self edit more (*snicker* this will ever be true)

read far enough to start to wonder why i stopped writing.

i don’t mean that i stopped writing words on the internet, there are facebook status messages and myriad comments on myriad pages.  heck there’s even a website i hang out on… but i don’t blog anymore.

i even have a hard time writing posts for the blog that drives traffic to my business website!  i mean i blogged for six or seven years, pretty steadily although i did sort of peter out towards the end… at one point i believe that i had three active blogs and was commenting on a lot more.  i don’t believe that i write less on the internet than i used to.

and then i think about irc and usenet…

internet relay chat for those of you who don’t know, mirc for those of you who just think it was something like msn messenger… which it wasn’t.  it was a way to chat before the internet had pictures.  we would gather together in “channels” or “rooms” in groups of two to two thousand and talk about whatever.  there were channels called #windowsnt or #harvard or #sex or #bdsmforbeginners or #gor or #tolkien or #cooking or #social or #jokes or #surfing or or or anything you cared to make up and join… heck a common greeting when you entered in the REALLY early days was “A/S/L?” which eventually became rude to ask (age/sex/location?)

usenet is still around but people use to use it to communicate instead of just to share torrents.  i used to hang out in a group called alt.books.anne.rice until we got trolled to death.  heck we had whole clans and stuff it was hilarious and fun and a great way to play on the internet.  that’s about when i built my first webpage… on a freenet.

but i digress, well not really.  i used all sorts of things in the early days, things that don’t exist or are anachronisms now.  i mean i can still hop on irc and find a small core of the group i joined in 94 or so… but most of us are on facebook now.

is that what happened to blogging?  the world moved past it?

or at least mine?

i might have thought it was starting to teach.  learning to use a lot of my words to my clients perhaps, but when i look at my history i blogged for a very long time after i started to teach full time and this last year as i’ve been rebuilding my business i’ve probably only been teaching two thirds anyway and i still havent’ been writing.

i guess i’m just changing, but it’s kind of weird to not be a writer anymore…


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