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February 16, 2008

holy unfairness batman

so yeah i’m having a day.

i’m sure you’re all having days too, some better than others… but i’m having a day. i woke up a little late and couldn’t get my head on straight and taught a funny class and went to class where i never quite felt like i was there and then…

and then the day improved of course.

i mean who doesn’t want to spend the first day of their first vacation in five years shovelling out their car after they’ve gotten it stuck? heaving on it with a few helpers? dumping salt all over the place to get traction for the feet as we push?

how about getting it out of the rut only to rub it up against a fence while doing so? calling your boyfriend at home to get you a tow truck? waiting for it and then watching as it pulls your car off the fence… now with a broken mirror and fresh scratches and sixty bucks to the awesome little old tow truck driver named luigi?

almost but not quite killing a pedestrian?

how about realising that you are no longer competent and that beyond calling a cab at three am and MAYBE, just MAYBE managing to pack you are done? can’t even write a fuck you suckers i’m on vacation post done?

doesn’t that sound like the best vacational first day ever?

how about if i tell you that’s only half of the shit that’s wrong right now? that i have a bladder and a yeast infection? [and if you know about my other …issue? that is acting up too.]

don’t you think the universe might be having a little fun with me?

dear universe, i really need a rest okay? would you mind making the rest of the week a little easier than the first day? pretty please?

cherries on top?

for the record, i’m still feeling pretty good. i’m aware rationally that although i’m having a brutal day i have in no way impacted my actual vacation in any damaging way.

i mean hell the mirror was halfway broken already!

not to mention? it’s a chilly twenty four degrees in cayo coco right now.. i think that might be the temperature here in fahrenheit today…

all you can eat food and drink… beautiful man to share it with…

five star beach and cuban music to lull me into a drunken stupor…

average daily temperature of 26 degrees celsius and nightly of 21…

yeah, sounds good to me.


hopefully this day will stop piling little disasters on top of each other. i’m really hoping that i can finish my laundry and make my bed and pack between now and three am without too much trauma…


but you know what happens at 11:10am tomorrow morning?

oh yeah, i land in cuba for day one of my first vacation in five years…

sayonara kids!


April 29, 2007


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so i went salsa dancing on friday for the first time in my life. i mean i’ve danced to salsa music before but i’ve never actually gone salsa dancing.

what’s the difference you may ask unless you already know? when you dance to salsa music you dance alone and shimmy. when you salsa dance a strange man asks you to dance, hands you a dance lesson and spins you around a dance floor.

apparently i follow well.

i’m sitting there, at the table with the girl i’m with and she gets asked to dance and she goes and then disappears. she reappears with this tall, smiling man who holds out his hand to me. i say something like “i have no idea what i’m doing though” and he like shrugs or something and she tells me to just go.

so i do.

he taught me the steps and told me in my ear what to do and just kept counting the steps for me and when i said i would try he threw my favourite yoda line at me with ‘master yoda says do or do not there is no try’ and then he taught me a change and finished up with some cool spinning thing where i ended up wrapped in his arms.

arms i wanted to stay wrapped in.

unfortunately i don’t think his arms are available.

anyway i get back to my table and i say to my friend with a funny face fanning gesture that that was fun and that if i’m not careful i’ll get a crush on this man with the flashing smile and gentle manner and gorgeous coffee coloured skin. okay i wasn’t so detailed with her but i can hear elle asking. yes elle, tall enough for you and covered in the lean muscles that i love.

muscles i had to hold on to while dancing with them.

anyway *clears throat and drags brain back to the topic at hand* i tell her i cold get a crush on this man and she says with this knowing nod “it’s because he’s tall”

um what?

i mean sure i like it that he can look me in the eye and i don’t have to sit down. i like it more that his gorgeous dancing partner (see why the arms seem tragically unavailable) is TALLER THAN I AM! who doesn’t like when a boy is a bit taller than they are?

not me right.

but that had nothing to do with why i wanted to attach myself to him like glue.

it was his manner and his smile and the way he taught me without assuming i was incompetent and the firmness with which he held me without ever making me feel like i couldn’t do what i wanted and most of all that he was kind and happy.


what the fuck is up with some people’s priorities these days anyway?

don’t misunderstand, i can understand liking tall men i really can. in fact i understand it better than most because the rest of them are shorter than i am.

i just don’t understand why that’s all that matters.

i’ve seen women ogle a man and then say ‘but he’s too small for me’ when he was actually a few inches TALLER than she.

um what?

i can at least kind of dig it if you don’t want to date someone shorter than you are (although you’re missing out on half the poulation that way and many short men are amazing) but i can’t understand why you find someone hot when ALL they are is taller than you.

it took me five minutes to explain that it was his teaching style that got me because he was so good at it.

to her credit she did get it.




salsa dancing is the super fun kind of exercise that leaves you charged up but exhausted at the same time!

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