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January 17, 2009


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i am having the strangest week…

not strange bad, more in the sense of all over the place and utterly unpredictable.

for a long time my business has had one source of referrals other than my existing clients and this has bothered me; not enough to advertise or get a job in a gym but enough.  i never like being dependent on one thing because there is always the risk that the person doing the referring will suddenly decide that they don’t like me anymore.

i haven’t been particularly worried because i tend to be extremely competent and this leads to less trouble than the average self-employed pilates instructor might experience.

you see my clients send me their wives/husbands/best friends and with that kind of loyalty my business can do nothing but grow.  it might grow slowly but it will grow nonetheless.

anyway this week i met a gynecologist who asked for my card and promised referrals (one of my areas of specialisation happens to be post partum women with pelvic floor/incontinence/sexual health issues) and a personal trainer client asked for a stack of cards and in fact referred someone to me already.

so suddenly? 

i went from one to three referral sources in a week!!!

this is truly awesome, not to mention that my clients send me more and more clients each year.  hmm maybe i can stop working at seven thirty in the evening someday…


in the meantime…

on thursday night i had dinner with a being who can make a million dollars on a ten minute phone call from a lounger on grand cayman (married, hush y’all)


on friday night i met a woman who runs her own company and happens to be getting arthritis in her feet.  what does this mean? 

that none of her 40 years worth of shoes fit her anymore.

why does this matter to me?

i have TWENTY ONE!!!!! new pairs of high heels (well a few are flats) to add to my already ridiculous shoe collection. 

i was like a kid in a candy store i’m telling you!

god you guys some of them are SOOOO sexy.


and on saturday?

on saturday my father enlisted my help to dig a hole. 

this would not normally be worthy of mention except for two or three little details:

it happens to be a measly nineteen below centigrade today (a mere minus two fahrenheit) and has been at least that cold for days.  it’s not traditionally known to be good hole digging weather.

of course we *were* in a steel structure, that raised the temperature at least 0.1 degree by removing the wind chill so it was really positively balmy in there…

furthermore he wanted us to dig the hole down several feet… (we gave up at the two foot mark and decided to wait for spring)

and still none of that would be worth mentioning except for this:

that is a real grin

that is a real grin














is that not the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen?

no like ever?


the tragedy of my life is that i found hacking away at a frozen solid piece of earth with my father to be ridiculously fun.

best part was after we got down a foot or so he carefully positioned a space heater in the hole, covered it with a tarp, and headed in to the house for lunch.

i was sure the whole place would go up in flames but nope, back we come to a hole that is frozen solid except for three inches of mud.  you can see the mud in the pic.

even funnier is that about fifteen minutes after this pic was taken the hat was off, the scarf was gone and my jacket was hanging open… but the camera was frozen ;>


i was *going* to do some cardio (aka ride mom’s stationary bike) but i decided that two hours with a pickaxe had to count and said screw it.


and then tomorrow?

off to go skiing….


you have to admit, it’s been kind of an up and down week…


well mostly up.

oh yeah, i bought a car!


for those of you who guessed that this ENTIRE post was so i could post the picture?

smart you…


that may be my best fashion crime this year…


February 16, 2008

holy unfairness batman

so yeah i’m having a day.

i’m sure you’re all having days too, some better than others… but i’m having a day. i woke up a little late and couldn’t get my head on straight and taught a funny class and went to class where i never quite felt like i was there and then…

and then the day improved of course.

i mean who doesn’t want to spend the first day of their first vacation in five years shovelling out their car after they’ve gotten it stuck? heaving on it with a few helpers? dumping salt all over the place to get traction for the feet as we push?

how about getting it out of the rut only to rub it up against a fence while doing so? calling your boyfriend at home to get you a tow truck? waiting for it and then watching as it pulls your car off the fence… now with a broken mirror and fresh scratches and sixty bucks to the awesome little old tow truck driver named luigi?

almost but not quite killing a pedestrian?

how about realising that you are no longer competent and that beyond calling a cab at three am and MAYBE, just MAYBE managing to pack you are done? can’t even write a fuck you suckers i’m on vacation post done?

doesn’t that sound like the best vacational first day ever?

how about if i tell you that’s only half of the shit that’s wrong right now? that i have a bladder and a yeast infection? [and if you know about my other …issue? that is acting up too.]

don’t you think the universe might be having a little fun with me?

dear universe, i really need a rest okay? would you mind making the rest of the week a little easier than the first day? pretty please?

cherries on top?

for the record, i’m still feeling pretty good. i’m aware rationally that although i’m having a brutal day i have in no way impacted my actual vacation in any damaging way.

i mean hell the mirror was halfway broken already!

not to mention? it’s a chilly twenty four degrees in cayo coco right now.. i think that might be the temperature here in fahrenheit today…

all you can eat food and drink… beautiful man to share it with…

five star beach and cuban music to lull me into a drunken stupor…

average daily temperature of 26 degrees celsius and nightly of 21…

yeah, sounds good to me.


hopefully this day will stop piling little disasters on top of each other. i’m really hoping that i can finish my laundry and make my bed and pack between now and three am without too much trauma…


but you know what happens at 11:10am tomorrow morning?

oh yeah, i land in cuba for day one of my first vacation in five years…

sayonara kids!

February 6, 2008



i am looking at a cleaner desk.

i am looking at a cleaner desk that is symbolic of something so much better.

you see i hired my friend to come over and sort through all my papers. she will take all those myriad statements and bills and receipts and turn them in to some kind of useful filing system.

after that? she will enter all of this data into a spreadsheet and then? and then we will hire a bookkeeper who will do my taxes for the last five years.

yeah shut up, i am aware that i should have done them more recently. that said, i pretty much always do them every five years so this is nothing new. in fact i think the government will faint when i start to file annually.

so there are a few interesting thoughts hiding in the above, not the least of which is that i have finally accepted that *i* will NEVER get this crap done. i have been trying to make myself do this stuff for two years!

two years!

do you want to know when even some of it happened? yeah, last time i got this friend to come over and help me.

*sigh* i suck at this stuff. i can hardly call clients back and answer email let alone get my filing and paperwork done; so here’s the thing, i have accepted that i will not do this and chosen to spend some money so that it happens anyway.

i think this is akin to admitting that i cannot keep my house clean enough to run a business in and hiring a maid. i think it’s delegating of the highest order. this is extra funny because i’m always telling my boyfriend that he needs to learn to delegate.

but well, it’s a lot easier to see what other people need than what you do.

the other interesting thing hiding in the above is that i hired someone.

i have in fact hired another human being simply to make my life go better.  not only have i hired them but i’ve committed to paying them.  you know what this means?  this means that i actually BELIEVE my business is doing well enough to commit a couple of hundred dollars a month to making it run better.

yeah i’m kind of stunned to find myself in that position too but there it is.   i actually believe in my business enough to ask someone else to believe in it enough to work for me in expectation of money.  i mean she can make financial decisions because of me!

that’s so strange it is.


in other news, nayrb and i have finally booked our vacation.

i know!  i’m going away for a WHOLE WEEK!!!!!

no work for a WEEK!

that mythical vacation i’ve been talking about for four years?  finally here!

*snoopydance of glee*

here’s the beach:


and because i know you guys love this shit, here is the link to the resort.

the best part?

it’s in cuba which is one of the few places i had really despaired of visiting in time.  by this i mean that when fidel dies something is going to get different in cuba and i really wanted to see it the way it is now rather than the way it will be.  not that it isn’t possible that what’s coming will be better but still, it’s worth seeing now.

i don’t think we’ll be near enough to see havana, but there is apparently a quaint little town nearby that should satisfy our urge to see some real cuba… but let’s be honest, i just want to sleep and eat and drink and swim in the ocean and hang out with my boyfriend…

ahhh bliss.

December 31, 2007

there goes another one


it’s that time of year again, the time when we eat too much and celebrate our loved ones and our lives or in some cases despair about our lives but no matter who you are you’re thinking right now.

you may be thinking solely about the shenanigans you will be getting up to this evening or perhaps about avoiding the fuss and hiding at home but if nothing else you’re considering your options.

you may, as i am, be thinking about who you will be kissing when the clocks of the city strike midnight or even who you won’t be kissing.

perhaps you are pondering your resolutions. one woman i know takes her resolutions very seriously indeed. last year she resolved to travel and see the world and she went to europe and africa. this is some resolving i can get behind let me tell you.

personally i am usually wont to resolve to do something with no guilt attached. i have oft been heard drunkenly declaiming ‘i resolve to have more fun’ and every year i try to do it. i think this year i will go for something with a little required effort.

perhaps i will resolve to work slightly less or to take a few more full weekends off. i know that i intend to take two weeks off this year which is something i have not done since i started to teach.

in fact i’m planning an actual vacation in february, i’ve even arranged half my substitute teachers already. gawd, an actual vacation, what a trip. it seems funny to have to resolve to do this but it seems i’ve turned into a bit of a workaholic in the last few years.

guess that’s what happens when your small business finally starts to be able to feed you. now i have to learn to say no to my clients, i have far too many days that are twelve or fourteen hours long and that has to stop. in fact i will no longer add new clients before 7:30am or after 7pm but trust me, that’s still more hours in a day than i should be working.

i’m hoping to slowly restrict those hours to 7:30am and 6:30pm but it’s hard. people work and they want me to work when they aren’t working and that leaves me with a brutal schedule.

i’m also thinking of getting a little more picky about who i accept as a client. up until now i’ve been a little bit desperate and i’ve had to take on anyone regardless. i’ve willingly encouraged people to go elsewhere if i didn’t feel that they suited me but always with a bit of a pang. now? now i think i will simply say ‘i’m sorry, i have a waiting list’ or whatever to people who rub me the wrong way when they call.

i want to play with my cats more rather than trusting them to exercise each other and in that light i want to spend more time at my boyfriend’s house because his poor cat is lonely.

i want to save money toward buying a place and create a financial cushion for myself that’s a little more secure than simply keeping a thousand dollars in my savings account… but that’s a start.

most of all? i want to have more patience and be less frustrated and be more open. miss clara hughes said that to the cbc one day and it’s some of the best advice ever. she also said to ‘be better’ to not be simply satisfied with being good but to be better every day. that too is some attitude i can get behind and something i feel like i need.

i still feel myself being more angry that i need to be on occasion and the rage engendered by driving the streets of toronto refuses to fade no matter how gently i approach it. i’m sure there are untapped reservoirs of anger inside myself that i have yet to find but i intend to plumb the depths this year.

life is about self-discovery after all.

i think i resolve to think about clara when i’m at my most angry…

be less frustrated

have more patience

be more open

… don’t just be good, be better


happy new year to you and yours.

December 18, 2007



i am the luckiest girl in the world.

no really i am.

not only do i have a lovely new boyfriend and much loved family and friends that love me but i have a job that i utterly treasure. i have the kind of job where i wake up cranky because my alarm went off and within five minutes of starting work i’m smiling and by the end of the day i’m fully excited about every second of it.

sure i’m happy when the day is over, who isn’t? even donald trump is likely glad when he finishes his day and that man loves to work a ridiculous amount. i’m also happy when i have days off or an unexpected free evening.

heck, the idea of seven days off in a row is enough to make me soak my chair, but that’s not the point. the point is that i have a job that charges me, excites me, challenges me and rewards me just in the doing of it.

along the way i’ve started to make at least a decent living and all signs point to that living firmly falling into the nice category by next year sometime. i mean i’ve almost paid off my credit card even!

i might even be able to buy a chair!

you know, what everyone does when they run out of debt, incur more!

anyway, my life is rocking along and years of really hard work are coming to fruition. i’m planning a vacation in february and to attend some conferences next year and i’m not worrying about how to pay for them.

they told me it would take five years and i’ve finished three or four depending on how you count so i’m even ahead of the game. maybe soon i can put serious money aside and buy a place.

this is already a great place to be right?

and then along comes christmas. along comes christmas and i get nine days off out of eleven or a five day weekend followed two days later by a four day weekend and then a three day week to boot.

i get a new client who buys a ten pack on his first day… and he’s awesome and it’s going to be so fun with him.

three of my clients in the same week come due for packs of ten classes and suddenly i practically have my rent for february paid… and i’m finished my christmas shopping already except for my annual splurge at the liquor store for hostess gift wine and prosecco and hosting libations.

and then?

i know, i’m already feeling incredibly blessed when my aunt hands me down her two year old computer… with a flat screen monitor to boot… [my desktop blew up in november]

yeah and then?

my clients, who i love and who keep me in brunches at maggie’s and finally new clothes? (did i mention i finally got those shoes?)

those clients? the ones who write me cheques and invite me to christmas parties at a chocolate factory?

they start handing me christmas presents.

i know… it makes me want to cry i’m so touched…

my tuesday night class as a group got me a gift… i mean wow.

i’m so moved.

i carried in three presents from two hours of work today… i mean… wow.

like wow.

i just feel really lucky right now and i thought you all should know.

also? yes the chocolate is as good as it looks, i recommend the fleur de sel caramels, the brownies and the gingerbread caramel squares thingies….

peace and love and luck like my current streak go out to all of you, even the ones who have never commented but read this… all of you, even the people who think i’m evil… all of you.

may the season bring joy and laughter and a few tears… but the good kind and kisses and hugs and chocolate and sweet nothings and food you love and small indulgences…

happy solstice and christmas and eid and chanukah.. at least one of which i spelled wrong…

thanks universe.

November 21, 2007

i wonder


how some people can smell so bad and yet seem never to notice.


why i love the leafs so much when they’re sooo bad these days.


what will happen to the planet when we’ve sucked all the oil out of it… and i don’t just mean with fuel. i just can’t imagine that nature made all that lube and stuck it down there for no reason… it just seems wrong somehow.

so, if you have no more lube between the rocks what happens when they try to slide?

seems to me the shakes will get bigger.

but i’m not a geologist, anyone else?


why we think pumping water that sells for two dollars a litre into the ground to replace oil that sells (refined!) for one is good business practices.


if i can sustain this 6:30 am client on wednesday mornings.

client that i love, that is my longest running client and the first one who ever paid me full price for an hour.


when i became someone who cared about the state of her house.

although the answer seems to be ‘when she got a house worth caring about.’


when i’m getting my next pedicure.

speaking of; here you go terry:





nat’s toes:


my toes





why folks would rather focus on their misery and pain than their happiness and freedoms.


why some people take so much pleasure in hurting others.


why the above two are so often the same person.


why it’s often so much easer to hear the spitefulness hurled at you by those who dislike you than the kindness lavished upon you by your loved ones.


why i had a weird dream about my car last night…


and why i remembered it.


why the posts i am often most proud of will regularly engender the fewest comments…


why rainy grey days (IN MODERATION!) are so awesome…


why i’m not currently napping…

October 5, 2007

happy turkey weekend !

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the comments on my last post were awesome, thank you guys, i just had nothing to add to your wisdom.


i know, for you poor american folks there is no long weekend this weekend but for us canadians there is one. that’s three wonderful days without working.

okay not quite, i’m working for an hour tomorrow and then getting my ass kicked by rr for an hour but then?

then i get to go to the cottage!

now, i’ve done a lot of hanging at the farm and a little camping and some festivaling (which involves sleeping in a tent) and i’ve generally been out of town at least one night of the majority of weekends this summer.

however, there has been no cottaging.

no wonderful sitting by a lake and forgetting how to talk because you’re so peaceful and talking would be overkill.

none of that great food you somehow only get around to making when it’s thanksgiving or you’re at a cottage or you’re trying to impress someone.

no swimming in real water that isn’t a little scary… and feels like northern ontario water. i can’t really explain the difference but the water north of the great lakes feels different somehow. it has something in it or not in it that makes you feel clean no matter how filthy you are and always leaves you feeling refreshed.

it’s also usually cold so i suspect we’ll be doing more looking at the lake than swimming in it but i’m still packing a swimsuit. hrm i probably should have packed before i curled up in bed, good thing it only takes me ten minutes since i have a busy morning ahead.

oh my god i get to sleep without an alarm on sunday!

AND i get to sleep in on monday!

AND i get thanksgiving dinner when i get back!!

man my life rocks.


speaking of climbing, something happened to me a little while ago and it’s SO COOL!

i was working the start of a 5.10- and getting like absolutely nowhere and my partner looks at me and says ‘you should climb the eleven minus, it’s way more your type of moves.’

and after about five minutes of arguing i did it.

i didn’t finish the fucking thing, oh no, i got maybe a third of the way up it but see here’s the thing… I STARTED A FIVE ELEVEN MINUS!!

and then i started another one.

and then i flashed a five ten plus. first try, never saw anyone climb it just up i went. it’s like i died and someone who climbs better showed up in my body.

except that i’m not dead and i’m still me (i think) and i just broke a plateau. i finally got off the grade that i was stuck on when i got in a car accident SIX YEARS AGO!

fuck, six years.

that’s pretty trippy. lot of changes since i started climbing.

anyway, at last i have moved on!


cherub and i are having a shindig for hallowe’en on october 27th, let me know if you don’t have your invite by monday.

costumes are required :)


whee long weekend at the cottage with just enough road trip to get there!

September 19, 2007

blue glow

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so something very strange is happening.

first a little background, those of you who know me well know that i wrestle with a fairly serious television addiction. you also know that i’m winning because i have so much more to do in my day to day life and thus the tv has been fading.

then i moved into this place and i decided not to get cable.

and then i caved because i wanted to see what happened on gilmore girls at the end and i got cable to do it with. in fact it took less than a week without cable for me to cave. so then i have cable and i watch all my shows to the end of the season and i take a look at the summer season and i get set for reduced viewing.

and i don’t turn the thing on once. wait that’s a lie, i’ve used my playstation and i’ve watched a couple of movies. but television? nothing.

i also haven’t watched any of the several gigs of shows that i downloaded so i could catch myself up on them. okay one episode of oth but that’s it. it’s like my television addiction has disappeared!

of course that’s easy to say when the new television season is still several weeks away and there’s no hoopla about what’s happening on what show but really? i cannot seem to make myself care.

not a whit.

and then i wonder why i would want to MAKE myself care about a passive activity? so i’m in the mood to read and write and see more of my friends and climb and play with the internet? what’s wrong with that?

but house? whatever will happen to him if i don’t watch every week???

the horror!


i started this post a while ago, like a few weeks ago before the new television season started and then i let it percolate.


perk perk

perk perk perk

it still seemed to be true, i confess to a few pangs. i mean really now, what will the girls of grey’s anatomy do without me? how will house cope without his ducklings? and oh lord men in trees! gosh i love men in trees (actually i think i might tape those three and no more) and really, i must see what happens to them.

and yet? all the other things that were on my list? the shows i cared ever so much about? the ones i would call my friends and say “THE HORRORS! my vcr failed and i missed an EPISODE!! help MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

yeah, don’t care in the slightest.

just don’t.

and i don’t understand it.

i went over to miss valium’s (hrm can you call a princess miss?) house last night and we watched the pilot of ‘gossip girl’ and the finale of big brother 8 (which was also the first episode that i’d seen) and ate pizza and gossiped about life.

it was lovely.

and you know what? the damn show is excellent (gossip girl.) i mean i was really surprised by how much i enjoyed it and yet? i don’t care. i don’t care enough to devote twenty two of my hours over the next eight months to it. i just don’t.

if i’m bored and it’s on? i’ll watch it. otherwise? whatever.

i will tape the three things mentioned above and i will watch the pilot of bionic woman because really now, starbuck as the evil bionic woman? that’s awesome that is.

i will also watch the final season of battlestar galactica because come on, that show is amazing. but i don’t want to pick up any new shows, i want to watch my loved ones until they’re cancelled and then wave good-bye to my television addiction forever.

and i can’t help noticing how much i’ve changed. except it’s not really a change it’s more of a return.

i was the only person that i knew when i was in college that didn’t have a television. didn’t have and didn’t miss. in fact i didn’t start making appointments with my television until i moved to vancouver and a little show called ‘er’ caught my attention followed shortly thereafter by buffy the vampire slayer and la femme nikita.

god those were great.

anyway over the years the addiction has grown and finally, after my car accident, it grew some serious teeth. in fact? i think i was watching something like sixty hours of television a week at some point. heck i was watching a DAILY TALK SHOW!!!!

yeah i know.

anyway, it’s been waning over the years and seems finally to be back in the box so to speak. it’s so funny where life takes us, i never would have expected to watch sixty hours a week of television nor would i ever have believed that i might stop basically cold turkey.

but i have.


sometimes you’re forced to read the writing on the wall… even after you’ve taken off your glasses and scrinched up your eyes.

sucks don’t it?


oh yeah…

i get to go to a leafs game a leafs game a leafs game

i get to go to a leafs game

and i’m super happy about it!


maybe even TWO!

September 9, 2007

after apple pick… er trimming…

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two points if you can tell me where the title is from.


last weekend i was where i’m sitting right now except my best friend othercat was here with me and we were a lot more drunk than i am now.

not that i’m sober now exactly you realize, just that we were drunker than i currently am and we weren’t that drunk then either.

regardless, we took some pictures that i was planning to post earlier this week but then i got distracted by a maserati and then a ferrari and well you know i’m kinda slow so here we are a week later.

othercat and i drove up here and took the three hour version of the two hour drive. in case you don’t understand what that means it tends to involve lots of gravel and the occasional turn with no earthly knowledge of where the road actually goes.

it was lovely.


here i am sitting on a little bridge like thing just down the road from the farm. they actually built a tunnel diagonally under the road for whatever reason… i don’t care about the reason, it’s one of my favourite places…


this is an oops we’re still zoomed in self-portrait othercat and i attempted at this same place… doesn’t he look all cool and the matrix?

i’m not sure you can possibly understand just how happy we are here. we’ve left the city, it’s a GORGEOUS day and we don’t have to be home until monday afternoon. i mean does it get any better than this?


self-portrait. exciting i know.

of course no weekend at the farm is complete without a few key ingredients.

work… in this case my father was busy dredging the pond and good lord do i wish i had a picture.

my parents bought this crazy rake to get the plants and cattails out of the pond because mother nature is winning and my father worked like a dog dredging a pond he NEVER swims in.

no, not sorta never, NEVER.

*i* swim in it. my sister swims in it… cherub was dragged into it a few weeks ago:


but she declared all the weeds and stuff kinda gross and frankly i couldn’t blame her. so, the point is here’s my dad working his butt off to clean the pond he NEVER swims in and here are othercat and i watching the tennis [us open, tends to be the best tennis of the year] or drinking beer or whatever.

so i offered to work, also i like to work but don’t tell anybody since it will ruin my reputation… although i guess that’s catching these days.

so dad says ‘well you know, the apple trees need trimming’ and so, lo and behold, after some instruction here i am trimming trees!


yes that’s a flip-flop i’m wearing and yes i’m half in a tree and half on a ladder. you wouldn’t believe some of the crazy positions i ended up in trying not to kill the tree while cutting off the dead bits…


that takes care of the work part nicely now doesn’t it?

also i’m massively amused by my body position here… it seems unsafe and yet i’m braced in this really appropriate centre of gravity sort of way.

of course at the end of the work comes the reward:


in case you’re wondering that’s a lamb roast on a rotisserie which is half of the oven that my father built many years ago. dad’s a pretty clever guy, he built ‘the monolith’ aka ‘the pizza oven’ just the right distance from the farmhouse because he knew he would never get a permit to build one into the house.

and then?

oh yeah, and then he applied for a permit to enclose it. gotta love my dad.


i saw the funniest thing on the drive up here today you can’t imagine. a guy, in a minivan, driving in the left lane on the 401… BRUSHING HIS TEETH!


oh and this little story is to make someone feel better:

so there i am coming off avenue onto chaplin crescent and i get my little turn left green arrow and i start to go and this guy coming south bound decides not only not to stop at his red light but to turn into the LEFT rather than the right lane.


so i slam on the brakes.

why is this funny?

there’s a full travel mug of tea on my dash board… [doesn’t fit in the cup holders] and of course when i hit the brakes it flies forward a little and covers a large chunk of windshield.

i, too busy trying not to hit the idiot and honk at him, do not grab said tea when i hit the gas again and yeah… back it comes the other way!

i didn’t wear that much of it but my car sure did…

ah well, least it isn’t hand tooled corinthian leather… or my chest.

August 30, 2007

leofest 2007!


alternate title of this post: ok nat, this is for you!


as y’all know i went camping in keady last weekend, as y’all that have been around any length of time know i’m allergic to posting pics. however miss cherub quite loves taking them and well, some of these are either awesome or hilarious :)

a lot of people were there that are not in these pics but i don’t have permission to post pictures of them. :)


does this count as an hnt post?


cherub during photo shoot in the corn!



cherub and pm and i goofing around during ‘photo shoot in the corn’

lol seriously only cherub could come up with photo shoot in the corn and have it be fun…

anyway here the three of us are…



this is me vamping it up (please note gorgeous new present shirt from flower:



only cherub could make this look hot:



i wanted a piece of broccoli, i didn’t expect the whole stalk…



it was delicious though…:



pm being silly:



if cherub and i ever put out an album:



look at that moon!



mmm cougar!



this is othercat against a skyline… pretty huh? miss cherub was having a good night with her camera…






fire cherub:



fire sass:



othercat and cherub :)


morning after othercat…



morning after pm and i… with tongue…



okay seriously how hilarious is that picture???


me in the morning AFTER coffee… but before food



same morning…




and my favouritest one of the whole weekend…



in other news i kind of screwed up my long weekend. i was supposed to go to the farm with othercat to hang with the fandamily but you know, i was going early friday so i figured hey what the fuck and i said yes when a client asked for a monday afternoon private. why not right? then i can do something in town and pass out nice and easy.

then my mother called. my parents forgot they have show tickets for friday night and now we can’t get to the farm until saturday afternoon!

wait! wait! what happened to my long weekend?

s’all right though, can go climbing with cherub and help her paint her new place on friday night (seriously i volunteered for this?) and the drive up saturday afternoon will be a lot mellower.


get this! i have 20 hours booked already the week after next. september is supposed to be dead and even with two clients away i’m still working enough two weeks from now. it’s so weird to have things booked this far in advance. you know i have a client now who has booked in through christmas? i mean wow. things are really starting to hop in this little business of mine and it sure feels nice.

it built itself at the speed i could handle and continues to do so, i wonder where it’s taking me… i have clients already asking for audio and video cds and i find i might just make them some…

i spent the rent last month on plane tickets and parking tickets and car renewals and more stuff for the studio and a few other things and you know what’s really amazing about that? even with all that unexpected spending i’m well into paying october’s rent now. how cool is that???


yes i do feel like i lost a hundred pounds since that whole working more thing started, how did you know?


FOUR leos showed up in total… nice but not our record…

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